10 Basic Things Every Car Owner Should Know


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It’s easy to buy a car these days and it’s pretty easy to learn how to drive it, but the hardest part is understanding how it works and how to maintain it well. But don’t worry, as we are going to share 10 things you need to know to be an informed driver and take maximum care of your car.

Engine oil

Many people think that oil helps the car burn fuel, but in reality its function is to lubricate, cool and clean the engine. This means that if there is not enough oil, three things can happen to your car: thermal degradation (lacquer and carbonaceous deposits), oxidation (varnish and sludge) and compressive heating (soot and tar). These things will settle on your engine, creating friction in parts where the oil should flow normally. Once this happens, the oil will start to do the opposite of what it was meant to do, creating more friction, heating inside the engine, and accumulating dirt deposits. You can also avail the $19.99 valvoline oil change coupon to get high quality services. 

Spare tire

Your spare tire is not designed to be a decorative item on your car, it is there in case you unfortunately get a flat tire. So make sure you always have a jack and other tools available in the trunk of your car in case you need to change the tire. Spare tires are usually located inside the trunk or trunk, or just below.

It is also good to check from time to time if the spare is in optimal condition. The last thing you need to do is change your flat tire and realize that the spare is too.

It’s really easy to change a tire – it takes more effort to maneuver the jack to carry the weight of the vehicle when changing. Fortunately, the jack will do most of the heavy lifting, although it will take a couple of tries to get it on correctly. 

Wiper washer

Have you ever driven in the rain when the windshield wipers don’t work? Not exactly a pleasant experience, is it? Windshield wipers are a necessity that many people tend to overlook. If you want to keep your wipers in better condition, make sure the rubbers are in good shape and the correct size. These should generally be replaced every six months, although it’s best to check how often your car’s manual suggests changing. 

Automobile fluids

Another basic component that every car owner should consider is the fluid (or rather fluids) in the car. If you want to keep your car running smoothly, be sure to check them regularly. It is something that you can easily do, so there are no excuses. Try to use Valvoline coupon to avail best discounts at automotive. The five most important are:

  • Motor oil
  • Refrigerant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid

Tire pressure

You might think that tire pressure is not really a big problem, but you are wrong. It is actually one of the most important safety features in your car. Here’s why: When tire pressure is low, its surface touches most of the ground and can cause friction between the road and the tire. When this happens, the tires wear out faster. They can also overheat and cause an accident.

On the contrary, too much air is not good either since less surface of the tire touches the ground, so the whole vehicle will be bouncing during the trip. Also, with the tire filled with air there is less traction, which affects braking and makes you more prone to accidents.

If you have no idea what to do with your tires, it is better to have higher pressure rather than lower pressure. But if you want your tires to maintain a longer life, use the recommended pressure for your vehicle. You can find this information in your owner’s manual or on the driver’s door frame of your car.

Headlights and taillights

Headlights and taillights dim over time, so it is recommended to inspect them from time to time. Checking them is more than anything a preventive security measure and prevents you from being stopped by the police or a traffic officer. It is generally recommended to change the headlights every year.

General car maintenance

Regular maintenance of a car varies depending on the make and model. The best way to find out the ideal maintenance plan for your car is to read your vehicle’s owner’s manual, as it will provide you with the ideal service intervals for your car.

Shock absorbers

Does your car rock from time to time? Can you hear any screeching when you brake or drive over a bump or bump? So your shocks are probably worn out. This is one of the most common older vehicle problems, so if you’re driving a car that’s a couple of years old, definitely check its shock absorbers.

The best brands of shock absorbers for your car can be found at másrefacciones.mx. See all our products in suspension 

Air filter

It is important to change the air filters every six months. When engines get dirty they can clog, so they have to work harder and this can cause an increase in fuel consumption.

Emergency team

You can never tell when your car might break down, and if this happens, then you should have an emergency kit on hand:

  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Three reflective warning triangles
  • Pressure gauge
  • Jumper cables
  • Lamp
  • Extra Batteries
  • Gloves
  • Scotch tape


Brakes are a safety feature that you should never overlook. When driving, see if the steering wheel jerks as you step on the brake pedals; If so, then this could affect your car’s stability control system and ABS (anti-lock braking system) brakes.

Get a good mechanic

And lastly, get a good mechanic. A good, honest and skilled mechanic is hard to come by, but if you find one, trust him firmly. Ask friends and family to recommend one. Do not choose the first one you find and give you low rates. Take your time. You are putting the safety and performance of your car in their hands, so make sure they are good at what they are doing.


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