10 Best Islands to Visit on your Greece Vacation


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Are you ready to time travel to the ancient Greek times which are also modern for the tourists now and super fun to be in? Greece is home to several islands out of which the top 10 are listed below. These islands are handpicked just for your next Greece tour package. 

I know it is hard to select just 2 or 3 out of these exceptionally beautiful islands, but let’s try to visit as many as possible places. 

The 10 best islands to visit in Greece are,

  • Corfu island
  • Crete 
  • Mykonos island
  • Santorini
  • Zakynthos
  • Rhodes island
  • Paros 
  • Kefalonia 
  • Karpathos 
  • Hydra 

These islands are beach or sea resorts that have very interesting backstories. Of course, they are in a country with rich history and heritage. Let’s get started! 

1.Corfu Island 


On the northwest coast of the Ionian sea in Greece, you can find this top-rated beautiful Corfu Island, laced with rough mountains and twinkling seaside resorts. Just like any other Greek island, Corfu is also famous for its yummy cuisine. The chefs of Corfu island resorts infuse traditional Greek methods with modern day varieties of seafood to give the tourists the best of their times in Greece. There are many resorts on Corfu island. 

The nightlife in the Greece islands is to be enjoyed within budget. Yes! You can travel to Corfu island on your Greece tour packages from India with a limited budget and enjoy it to the maximum. 

Fun fact- Corfu is the top favorite party island for tourists and the natives. 


Corfu Island

Beautiful Crete Island is the largest and the most populous Greek island. It is the 88th largest island in the world. On this island, you can find the ancient ruins of the European wars, stunning beaches, and cities bustling. If you are planning your Greek vacation any time soon, Crete island is undoubtedly the best choice of island for anyone to visit. Experience the taste of extremely pure and original virgin olive oil, amazing seafood platter, and the trademark Cretan salad. With the mild sun soaking into your pores, filling your mind with peace and tranquility, Crete island is definitely the best choice. 

Fun fact- Crete island has bounced back to this pretty island only after it was shaken up by an earthquake in the 16th century. 

3.Mykonos island 

Corfu Island

This perfectly blue island is Mykonos, one of the islands in the Cyclades group, Aegean sea. Just like any other Greek island, Mykonos is also best known for summer parties and chilling activities. Experience the rich touch of Greek and European cuisines along with Mediterranean cuisine and plates of seafood. Mykonos is famous for its private swimming pools and high white walls and stunning beaches that stretch for miles. The beautiful sunset spots make Mykonos a perfect place for a honeymoon. 

Fun fact– Mykonos is 3000 years old! 


Corfu Island

Again, one of the beautiful islands in the Cyclades group, in the Aegean sea. This island is famous for its whitewashed cube-shaped rooms and buildings with pretty blue domes. This stands as a pride of the Greece country for being the most favorite islands for tourists. Greek cuisine and Meditteranean cuisine are two important things you must never miss out on. Chilling in the deep blue waters while gazing at the clear skies with your favourite drink, makes your Greece vacation a memorable one. 

Fun fact- Santorini is home to over 100 types of grapes which makes the best choices of wines for the people. 

5.Zakynthos island 

Corfu Island

Zakynthos is a pretty island that is famous for summer resorts and water activities. It is a perfect place for families, friends, even couples to spend their time in Greece involved in a lot of water sports, boating, and deep-sea diving. Zakynthos is also home to the world famous shipwreck beach, Navagio which was used to shoot films and media purposes. You can travel to the blue caves drenching yourself in the cold waters and you might even find a precious pearl in an oyster! 

Fun fact- Zakynthos has its own international airport and frequent flight services! 

6.Rhodes Island 

Corfu Island

Rhodes is the largest island in the group of Dodecanese islands in Greece. Pretty little summer resorts are what make Rhodes a beautiful place. On this island, you can find the ancient ruins and remains of the knights of St.John during the period of the Crusades. This UNESCO recognized place is home to one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. You can enjoy the sheerly prepared Greek and Italian food with your perfect choice of wine sipping through the day. 

Fun fact- The old cities of Rhodes were built in 408 BC! Later captured by Turkey and then Italy and finally was given back to Greece. 

7.Paros Island

Corfu Island

This beautiful island of Paros is full of tradition and the historic touch. Villages on this island are not modernized but just remodeled according to the comfort of the natives and tourists.  It is best known for its widespread beaches with fine grain sand and blue waters. What makes Paros special is the white marble which gives an exotic feel to anyone who visits. Paros has subtle nightlife parties which makes it even more suitable for families and kids to enjoy their vacation in Greece. 

You can take a ferry or a small boat to tour the island and also watch the sea animals enjoy their time too. 

Fun fact- Even today you can go on a tour inside the abandoned marble mines.


Corfu Island

Kefalonia is considered to be one of the underrated islands in Greece. Cute little resorts, hotels, and rooms make this place a perfect one for your next vacation to Greece. Situated in mainland Greece, it is one of the islands in the Ionian sea. Kefalonia is home to a number of beautiful beaches and water activities that are also kids friendly. Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia is the most vibrant place on the island when it comes to night parties and fireworks. Witness the expertise of the chefs who curate famous dishes from multi cuisines just for you with Kefalonia’s uniqueness- delicious wines. 

Fun fact– You might see a shark if you are a good swimmer!


Corfu Island

Karpathos is different from the other blue islands. This island is the second largest of the Dodecanese islands in Greece, surrounded by rugged mountains and rusty orange colored buildings. Karpathos is famous for windsurfing and many such adventurous activities. Out of all the islands in Greece, Karpathos is the most colorful place with aesthetic buildings and cafes that become even more beautiful during Spring. 

Fun fact– Karpathos is the windiest island in the Mediterranean islands.


Corfu Island

This beautiful island belongs to the group of Saronic islands in the Aegean sea. It is considered to be the most beautiful island in Greece with unique beach structures and natural rock formations in and around the island. You can visit the Historical Archive museum of Hydr and Spilia beach bar for some extravagant activities in Hydra. Famous cuisines here are Greek, Turkish, Italian, and Mediterranean. 

Fun fact- According to ancient Greek mythology, Hydra means a serpent like monster but this name has nothing to do with this island and it is completely safe and fun for everyone! 

Are you all ready for uncovering the best islands on your Greece Vacation? So, what are you waiting for? Look at these handpicked islands which would perfectly match your imagination and expectations of Greece vacation. Book your Greece tour package with Pickyourtrail to get the best deals and unbelievable customisation! 


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