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Before writing the article about the public speakers, we should first know who are public speakers, why public speaking is important, and why it is preferred so much around the world?

Importance of Public Speaking:

The main reason behind the public speaking is that, once in a while every person faces the situation, where he needs to be motivated to do something or to stop something. This is where skills of public speaking become important. You can even choose your career through public speaking. The definition of public speaking according to Merriam-Webster is “Public speaking is the art of communication with the others “.

Below this, are the names of some important public speakers. By listening to them, the student will eventually able to follow their passion, do hard work, adopt study habits, and many more. 

  • David Epstein: 

David Epstein is one of the top public speakers related to education. Through his speeches related to education, David has motivated many students around the world to choose their careers, and work hard to achieve their goals. He has written many books for motivation. One of his book “Sports Gene” has caught the attention of many people around the world. Even the former US President Barrack Obama has read his book. The book has been translated to so many languages, and is one of the best books recommended to students.

  • Ron Clark:

One of the most recognized personalities when it comes to the education related important public speakers is Ron Clark. Clark. Clark has a history of giving some of the most noted in the United States and emphasizes on the point of education. He isi also currently working with the New York Times and actively participates in many of the speeches regarding and related to the educational sector. The speeches that he gives is liked by everyone and inspired a lot of adults as well as young generation to peruse their goals irrespective of the difficulties that they face. His own struggles in the early stages of his life are a good reminder that through dedication and hard work anyone can achieve his or her goals no matter how difficult they might seem in the beginning.

  • Kim Bearden:

This is one name that has been heard by every single person in the educational sector. This executive of the Ron Clark academy has done and achieved some truly amazing distinctions in the field of education. She is one of the few educationists who was inducted in the National Teachers Hall of Fame by the then president of the United States of America, Barak Obama when she was invited to the white house. Her lectures, books and social media presence have proved to be an inspiration to millions of people around the world who are struggling to acquire premium education for the betterment of their own life as well as for their families. 

  • Hamish Brewer:

Perhaps one of the unexpected personalities on this list is that of Hamish Brewer. This tattooed skateboarding principle does not look like on of the top personalities related to the educational sector, at the first glance. But this man can be considered as one of the ideal human beings in the modern world. He has adopted a perfect mix of having fun and educating yourself at the same time. He is a famous educationist who always tells his students to be relentless. He argues that one should enjoy his or her life and study at the same time, something that a sizable population is unaware of in today’s technological world. 

  • Adam Welcome:

One of the mentors in changing the way, young generation is given the education is Adam Welcome. He is recognized by a lot of people though his social media presence as well through his various interviews. He has written a lot of books and give speeches every now and then.  There is a sizeable proportion of audience who agrees with his ideas. 

  • Manuel Scott:

Another great personality that targets the schooling procedures and the ways of teaching is Manuel Scott. Many recognize him be his famous book by the name of, ’Even on the worst day’. He is emphasizing on the power of the school staff towards carving a bright future for the students. His unique content and way of explaining thing gins the attention of a lot of people.  

  • Todd Nesloney:

A force not to be dealt with, a talent like no other, these are the words used for this talent, the likes of which have never been seen before. It is not hard to find information about this educationist in the internet. Focusing on the kids, Todd believes that a person in his or her early age, can be carved into whatever one wants him or her to be. That is why, he emphasizes on the effective education of children and his entire carrier is centered around it as well. 

  • Angela Maier:

Angela Marier is one of those people who did not just talked things out loud, rather proved what little they once said. She is famous educationist, writer of the famous genius matters, one of the leaders in the transformation by mattering, and the founder of the world wide Choose2Matter Movement. Her accomplishment speaks for herself and that is why she is the motivation of thousands of people around the globe

  • Charles Best:

Charles best is again one of the different people on this list. He is top educationist and has a lot of accomplishments under his belt. But other than that he is also the founder of the Donor Choose foundation and website. He likes to help people in any and all ways possible and that is why his fan following is over the top. He is liked by almost everyone for the kind of work that he does and is nominated for various awards as well. His talent is one of a kind and people who have had conversations with him state that he is one of the best educationists currently out there.

  • Nouman Ali Khan:

Nouman Ali Khan is a well-known motivational speaker. He encourages youth regarding the education of the Quran, and because of his efforts, many websites are made for online Quran Teaching. And Many well-known Muslim scholars are doing online Quran teaching through different platforms.


Educationists are the people who help us in acquiring the best education and knowledge for ourselves as well as for our future. Their accomplishments and struggles should always be respected as without them our education system would be as good as we know it today. With the increasing popularity of educationists in the recent times it is safe to say that they will put struggles and effort into making the education better for everyone, further down the road. 


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