10 Reasons to Acquire CompTIA Certification


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Additional certifications regulate the modern IT world. They validate the skills required for a specific job role. Therefore, employers always prioritize hiring certified candidates over the uncertified class of job seekers though they possess the required skills. One such certification that IT employers popularly seek is the CompTIA certification. 

Certifications offered by CompTIA Courses:

A CompTIA A+ Training and certification enables the aspirants to acquire a fabulous job as an IT Technical Support Specialist, IT Support Technician, Field Service Technician, Network Administrator, IT Support Administrator, Network Installer, Network Technician, Help Desk Technician, IT Security Specialist and many more. The CompTIA security+ exam cost is affordable in comparison to the benefits you will reap afterwards. CompTIA offers a wide range of certifications, ranging from entry to expert level, including:

IT Fundamentals












Healthcare IT Technician 

Cloud Essentials

Social Media Security Professional

Benefits of CompTIA A+ Courses and Certification:

Computing Technology Industry Association, also known as the CompTIA, is a non-profit trade association. In the past two decades, it has provided more than two million certifications across the globe and is heading towards flourishing as an industry leader in vendor-neutral IT certifications.

  1. Expert research has revealed that IT employees with CompTIA A+ Certifications are earning more than non-certified employees. CompTIA Security+ Certification makes you shine under the spotlight in the view of employers and recruiters. But unfortunately, you will also be a centre of attraction for the spiders and bots that crawl resumes to screen potential candidates.
  1. CompTIA certification boosts your career in the IT sector:

CompTIA certification makes you an expert on the basics of computer software and hardware. You are also validated for your skills in troubleshooting a wide range of devices, from computers to smartphones.

  1. CompTIA Certification offers limitless career prospects:

The certifications do not concentrate on vendor-specific software and hardware. Instead, it builds a strong foundation of your technical knowledge and enriches your technical vocabulary irrespective of your chosen sector.

  1. CompTIA allows you to work from anywhere:

The tradition of working from the office has vanished in several IT firms. CompTIA certification allows you to take up top-rated job roles that can be accomplished at the comfort of your home. No matter where you are, the IT industry will rely on you for on-time submissions.

  1. Career prospects with lucrative pays are at the feet of certified candidates:

Plenty of new job roles are emerging in the IT industry each day. CompTIA certified employees are offered leveraged designations for which the employer never minds paying high salaries.

  1. CompTIA enables you to have a better work-life balance:

CompTIA certified employees do not fall prey to a stressful, unsatisfying, and physically demanding career. Instead, they get numerous employment opportunities that offer a better work-life balance. You will still have enough time to relax with your family and friends.

  1. You will earn the pride of being one of the more than one million people who have already set up their career in the IT industry through CompTIA certification.
  2. CompTIA Certification is an achievement:

You need to invest a lot of time learning and practising the course content with dedication and determination to acquire the CompTIA certification. Based on your previous knowledge and what you need to learn freshly, you may need several days or weeks to prepare for the CompTIA exam. However, earning the certification will fetch you a high-paying job and reward you with a sense of the most outstanding achievement that you can share everywhere with pride.

  1. The certification reflects your commitment and seriousness towards your career. CompTIA certification has a specific validity, after which you can apply for recertification. The recertification demands upgradation of knowledge. Highly committed candidates always look forward to preparing themselves with perseverance to take up the exam.
  2. CompTIA includes like-minded individuals under a single roof called community. After the certification, you can choose to be an active participant of the CompTIA community, where you can learn, interact, ask for advice and share solutions for other’s queries.

CompTIA Training and certifications are suitable for students, educators, employers, veterans, and IT professionals. A self-study plan is the best way to earn the certificate at the earliest by working around your schedule. You can also prepare for the certifications by joining a proficient tutorial.

With CompTIA certification, you can set up a strong foundation for your elegant career that promises a high-end paying package in addition to the enormous benefits and perks.


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