12 Old Navy Shopping Hacks You Didn’t Know


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Shopping at Old Navy is no less than a wonderful experience. It’s like a retail therapy that loads your wardrobe with latest items and gives you a new look on life (yes, that’s what shopping does)! Old navy is a famous name in the world of shopping for years now and there is no reason why their loyal customers would turn anywhere else. 

From old navy promo code, recurring discounts, annual and semiannual sales, wonderful collection, everything at Old navy is worth the praise. Especially if you love their end of season sales, well who wouldn’t? Here we have gathered some other old navy shopping hacks that will make you wish you knew them earlier. 

Special Days

We all love Fridays when chanting TGIF is a must but Mondays aren’t bad either! For all those sad buyers who saw the whole shelves out of stock, straight from an employee that the clearance stocks are loaded on Monday or Tuesday. The best time if you want to hoard on items that are both cheap and reasonable, we know Monday is the best day. Or if you don’t find markdowns on Monday then shift your visit to Tuesday, you can wait one day can’t you? 


There are two types of coupons for old navy, online coupons and in store coupons. Both of them give you discounts, both kinds are worth having but online coupons are usually better. Yes, this secret surprises many people but online coupons for Old Navy are worth much more discounts than in store coupons. 

Free Shipping Hack 

This is a secret that only a few individuals are aware of. To be eligible for free delivery at OldNavy.com, you must spend at least $50. When you shop in-store, however, any order over $25 qualifies for free delivery to your door. When you can’t locate your size or chosen color in stock, you can make it happen. Simply tell an Old Navy salesperson what you want, and they’ll order it for you and deliver it for free if your total exceeds $25.

Coupon Stacking

It should be noted that you may stack discount coupons while buying online after a short call to Old Navy customer care. The sole stipulation is that the code must specify that it can be used in conjunction with other promotions. So, if you happen to come across a combinable coupon, keep it and utilize it when they also have a flat 40% off coupon to optimize your savings.

Price Adjustments

This one deal must be taken advantage of fully. Old navy gives you a price adjustment one time per product. And their price adjustment is also wonderful. For instance you purchased something and the price dropped within the next 14 days? You will get a big discount. Hold on to those receipts, because that is correct. Unfortunately, unless it was a free shipping offer, you won’t be able to receive a price adjustment on clearance products or things purchased with a promotional code.

Text Alerts

Old Navy’s text alerts are great. Not only they alert you about upcoming sales, offers and discounts but they also give you a straight off. And one great way to get a straight $35 off text a specific code to Old Navy’s number and you can enjoy the smart saving. 

Online vs In Store

Did you know that you may get better deals and discounts online than you can at your local Old Navy store? Make sure to check both online and in-store for the greatest prices. Sometimes the product you get at a full price on physical store, the online price is much less than the original value. You will enjoy this saving and if missed, you might regret. So make sure to expand your search before heading to the store. 

Black Friday

Black Friday isn’t too far so don’t get too anxious. Although we would recommend you start making a wish list and the big items you need to get this black Friday. After all the black Friday sale at Old navy makes all your wishes come true. You can get as much as 80% discounts on the favorite products but the bad thing is? They run out of stock pretty soon. 

1 Day Deals

1 special day can you make happy. Yes that’s right! The old navy 1 day deals are loved by all. They usually have these a couple of times a week, and they usually get you 50% off a certain item. Jeans, dresses, shorts, and so forth are all possibilities. The easiest method to find out when these 50 percent off 1-Day Deals will take place is to follow Old Navy on Facebook, since they frequently update their page with the latest information.

Smart Deal 

When it comes to shopping at Old Navy, not only should you aim to never pay full price, but you should also make it a goal to save at least 40% on your whole order. It’s very possible, especially when you combine a promo code with a store-wide deal.

Old Navy Credit Card

The old navy credit card isn’t a bad deal. It is rather a smart thing you must get. While your experience with store specific credit cards hadn’t been great (no names mentioned), Old Navy’s credit card isn’t like that. Once you’ve been authorized, you’ll receive 15% off your first purchase and 5 points for every $1 you spend, allowing you to earn free gift cards on a quarterly basis. Plus, for every $1 spent everywhere Visa is accepted, you’ll get one point. It also does not charge an annual fee. Just remember to pay off your amount every month because the APR is a whopping 24.99 percent.

Old Navy Super Cash 

Before any relevant discounts and taxes are applied, Old Navy Super Cash is earned on the amount of your purchases. So, if you buy $75 at OldNavy.com and then use a 30% off coupon, you’ll earn the same benefits as if you paid $75 cash!

If you’re already an Old Navy customer, you’re entitled for “Super Cash,” which is fantastic. Also, you’ll get $10 in free cash for every $25 you spend online or in-store. Super Cash cannot be used with a coupon, however you can combine up to three Super Cash prizes in one purchase.