3 Examples of Real Estate Postcards that Will Separate Yourself from The Competition


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When you take on a new real estate frontier, such as a neighbourhood or even a new city, you have to ensure that people know you exist. 

Nowadays, there are various ways to put yourself out there, from websites to social media, but it is important to also go back to basics and consider the more traditional forms of marketing. 

They may seem a little foreign to you, but people still refer to these methods when they need assistance. Below are some of the best and most popular postcards that realtors will find useful for their visibility, or you can click here to find more.

1. Sold Over Asking Price

A sold over asking price is a good way to introduce yourself to new clients, especially in new neighbourhoods. 

A sold over asking price card gives clients the confidence in you and your business that you can exceed their expectations when it comes to closing a deal. This evokes a psychological effect that entices the homeowners to list their properties when they see they purchase price. 

However, this is a tricky strategy that you have to be careful and calculated about. 

Do your research on the neighbourhood and find out if your sale price is enough to attract potential clients from that neighbourhood.

2. Open House Postcards

Open house postcards work at a great advantage for realtors everywhere. Real estate marketing products serve to sensitize your future clients of your existence and your products.

Open houses generally invite potential buyers to a listed to see what amenities the house offers but it also opens you up to new clients who might want to enlist your help in looking for a similar house or a house with their specification

When clients visit your open house, they will get a sense of your style of houses or the price range that you work within and use you or recommend you to a friend or colleague.

3. Agent Introduction Postcard

This is considered an essential postcard when you want to introduce yourself to any market or neighbourhood. Aal new realtors to an area are encouraged to use this as their first point of contact. Your agent introduction card should have the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your specialization (residential, commercial, both, etc.)
  • Your contact details

Do not be afraid to get creative or even witty with your postcard but you need to be vigilant about the kind of public you are approaching with the postcard. What is the age demographic? What city/town are you marketing yourself in? 

These questions will go a long way in helping you tailor your agent introduction postcard according to your target audience.

Make Your Mark in the Market With These Real Estate Marketing Postcards

As a realtor trying to break into a market, do not be afraid to use your creativity and both modern and traditional marketing strategies to put yourself out there. You can make both online and traditional postcards that will be delivered to your list of contacts via email if they do not access their postal boxes. 

Do not be demoralized if these methods do not bear fruits immediately. Some of these methods take time but you can be assured that people have seen your announcement and, even if they are not reaching out at the time, they will definitely have you in mind when the time comes.

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