3 Rewarding Jobs for People Who Love Driving


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Many people find that a standard 9-5 office job is not suitable to their needs or working aspirations. Having to adhere to a regimented working routine is not for everyone, and undertaking repetitive tasks at work can cause boredom, frustration, and low morale. Millions of adults will have recollections of having to complete seemingly meaningless tasks, deal with an ever-increasing volume of emails, or sit through meetings that do not seem to have a definite purpose. If you enjoy driving and wish to escape the routine of office life, you may want to consider working in a profession that requires driving as a main role. In this article, we discuss three unique jobs that have a focus on driving.

  1. Taxi driver

If you are naturally sociable and enjoy meeting new people every day, the role of taxi driver could be ideal for you. Within this profession, there is the option to work as a freelance driver for an established firm (often by using a supplied vehicle from the company) or by setting up your own private taxi firm. One of the key benefits of this type of job is that you can dictate the days and hours which you work. For example, you may like to work on evenings or weekends so that you can enjoy free time during the week. In addition, you may wish to specialize in specific journeys, such as airport transfers which can be extremely lucrative when they involve longer-distance trips. The average hourly pay for a taxi driver is $22 per hour; however, different companies may pay more, and seasonal journeys (such as taxi transport on bank holidays or during Christmas and New Year) typically command higher prices for your services.

  1. Courier work

If you have your own vehicle that is suitable for carrying a range of goods to customers, you may enjoy working as a courier. Search online for courier jobs to find details of shipping jobs or delivery firms who are recruiting. Many of these jobs are on a freelance basis, which can allow you to accept delivery orders according to your financial needs and desired working week. If you have a larger vehicle, such as a truck or van, you may be able to transport larger loads and enjoy higher contract prices for the delivery. Many couriers enjoy their work as it gives them complete flexibility over the routes they accept and their days of working. Put simply, courier work can allow you to find your ideal work-life balance and earn a suitable income whilst still being able to take care of personal commitments.

  1. International truck driver

If you hold a truck license and are confident in driving across different countries, the role of an international truck driver may be suitable for you. In America, the average salary for this profession is approximately $47,000 per year. However, it is important to note that if you specialize in delivering specific high-value goods for major companies, the salary can be far higher and may even reach an annual earnings value of $100,000 per year. In this type of role, it is vitally important to have a thorough knowledge of road regulations in foreign countries, along with a full, clean license for larger vehicles.