4 Must-Follow Tips for a 7 Band Level IELTS Writing


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For many students, it is a struggle to get magic numbers in their IELTS test. Are you the one among them? If you are the one among them you might often wonder why is it so challenging to reach a 7 band level from 6.5 bands. IELTS is not like a state-level SAT but it is the world-renowned criterion for assessing one’s command over a language and thus students all over the world appear for this test. Many students visit the best IELTS coaching class near them that guides students. They give students’ academic knowledge and also tell tricks to clear this test which is a must to reach this level. So, If you are giving your first attempt or the last attempt for the 7 band level IELTS use these given below tips to make it the best attempt.  

1)Try to Answer out all the parts of the questions

Sometimes students forget to answer all the parts of the question and just write the answer to some parts of the question. So, it’s very important to read the question very well and understand it. You can sometimes also find the answer in the question itself so should attentively read the question first. Always while inserting all the parts of the questions you should remember that you don’t go off track. Just write your answer in specific words. 2-3 points are enough for explaining one part of the question. Explain the view and the other view and your opinion on the question that’s asked. This helps you to portrait your creativity while keeping the idea alive and clear one of the best courses to study abroad.

2) Use more examples to present a clear position

For an essay test, IELTS examples are a must. You should try to give examples to all of your explanations.  At the least, you should include 3 examples in your whole write-up. Try to give generic examples instead of giving personal examples. Include personal examples only if you are asked to do so. Give relative examples and carry the same opinion from start to end. Though you might be presenting different points of view, your position must be clear to the examiner from start to conclusion of your essay. If you live in Gujarat can look for ielts classes in surat for getting more guidance related to the structuring of the essay.  Likewise, you can look for coaching in your city and get more guidance on how to give more examples.

3) Write an essay in a proper structure

Writing an essay is usually not a difficult task but putting the different points of view and being clear about your opinion and giving proper structure can be challenging. You can get proper structure management best at the ielts classes so search for IELTS classes near me and get it for yourself. They teach you how to present your ideas in a structured manner. Do not try to include two ideas in a Single Paragraph. Start with a proper introduction of general facts. Then give different ideas on the same point in different paragraphs below and then elaborate on them. In the end, give your opinion on the question and conclude it. Each of your paragraphs should deliver a clear and proper idea. The first statement of the paragraph should be as you are delivering the topic you are going to talk about in the paragraph and conclude paragraph in the last statement. 

4) Use a range of vocabulary and linking devices

Writing is the way for you to convey your beliefs to the reader. So, you should make use of words that are easy to understand. Try to use collocations,  phrases, and idioms in your essay; this assists you to deliver a message to the examiner that you can employ a range of vocabulary. Try to use phrases and words that link your sentences. These linking devices glue your ideas together and develop a reading frequency for the examiner. 


As you complete the writing of your essay, read it from the start again and check it for grammatical errors and spellings. Also, check whether you have followed a specific pattern and written in a proper structure. Follow all these tips and you can surely have this as your best shot in IELTS. You can search for the best IELTS class near you and join for more guidance. All the best! 


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