5 Basics You Need To Equip Your Riders With As A Food Delivery Company


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If you are running a food delivery company, your employees are quite literally delivering happiness and need to do so within a given time frame. Hence, you must fully equip your delivery riders with all the equipment and accessories they need to do their work even on a rainy day. Given below are five such basic items and accessories that you need to give to your riders to ensure convenience and efficiency in their work:

  1. A raincoat and a pair of gumboots

While heavy rain may stop people from visiting restaurants, it pays no hindrance to their ordering food from the comfort of their homes. Your riders are likely to be delivering food even in heavy rains, and while the storage section of their ride is likely to keep the food safe, you need to equip them with a quality rain coat and a pair of gum boots to protect them from getting wet.

  1. A rack and bag

If your riders use a motorcycle or a bicycle to fulfill their deliveries, you need to equip them with a rack and a bag. A rack placed on the rear of their vehicle would allow them to mount their bags onto it for deliveries. If their bicycle doesn’t have the space to accommodate a rack, they can simply equip them with custom backpacks that have your company logo and they can wear it over their shoulder.

  1. A phone holder

Since your delivery riders are likely to be juggling multiple orders, you need to equip them with a phone holder that they can place on their handlebars in case of a motorcycle, and their dashboard in case of a car. By using a phone holder, your riders will be able to navigate through multiple orders by easily consulting their phone with the touch of a finger. Not only is this efficient, but it is also always essential for their safety in transit.

  1. A care kit

Your delivery riders are at work irrespective of the harsh weather, and hence you should provide them with a compact care kit that they can safely stow away in thief delivery bags. A complete care kit should include a Bluetooth hearing device so that they don’t have to use their phone while driving, a first aid kit for on the road injuries, a tube of sunscreen for protection against sunburns, and basic medications for headaches.

  1. A helmet

Last but not the least, possibly the most essential part of your delivery rider’s accessories is their helmet. Let’s be clear, helmets aren’t an added benefit that you are giving to your riders, and are mandatory for your riders to wear at all times. You can also customize the helmet with your company’s logo or have one in your company’s colors.


Running a food delivery company is no easy task – you and your employees are responsible to ensure the timely and safe delivery of your customers’ food packages. No matter the traffic, weather, or environmental conditions, your riders need to deliver their packages safely and soundly, and the above-mentioned items are essential for them to do so.

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