5 Best Camping Destinations In Maharashtra


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Maharashtra is known for its diverse culture and beautiful lifestyle. There are also many historical monuments which makes this place a wonderful tourist spot. This is one of the most popular states in India which attracts tourists. Tourists can do adventurous sports, like trekking and hiking. But above all, one of the best things to do here is Camping. Here tourists also get a chance for camping with their friends and family. Camping is an amazing experience which could not be missed if we are going to this place. Here are some of the best camping destinations near mumbai in Maharashtra, and they are:-

  • Panchgani 

Panchgani is a beautiful place, located near Mahabaleshwar. Panchgani is filled with beautiful and thrilling spots. Tourists can shop for different flavors of jams and jellies. They also enjoy the marvellous scenic views at Tableland. Tourists also do trekking here and explore the local shops of this place. One of the famous tourist attractions of this place is the magnificent Krishna River. Tourists can also camp here. Camping beside the river gives an amazing experience especially with the friends. This place is very much similar to the days of British Raj.

  • Pavana Lake

This place is one of the most popular destinations for camping in Maharashtra. This lake resides on the banks of the dam of Pavana. The beautiful surroundings of this place is one of the tourist attractions. There are some Monumental forts- Tikona, Tungi and Lohagad are situated just next to the campsite, which makes our vacation unique and memorable. Tourists also enjoy the hot barbeque, stargazing at night and unlimited talks.

  • Matheran 

This place is situated at Charlotte Lake. It is just a few hours away from Mumbai. This place is featured with magnificent waterfalls and beautiful green foliage. This place is one of the best destinations for camping in Maharashtra. Here the tourists have to do self-service. A detailed manual will be provided to them and with the help of it they have to learn what they have to do. Tourists have to use their own efforts to do camping here.

  • Rajmachi 

Rajmachi is a beautiful fort which is easily spotted from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, on the right side of Borghat. This fort comprises two forts- Manaranjan Fort and Shrivardhan Fort. The height of this fort is about 2710 feet above sea level. This place offers a wonderful view of the mountains of Sahyadri and backwaters of Shirota Dam. It is one of the busiest tourist hotspots and a popular destination for camping. The local people of this place are very friendly in nature and they also try to provide tourists with the best hospitality.

  • Malshej Ghat

This popular Ghat is known for its beautiful mountains, lakes and waterfalls. This Ghat is one of the famous hill stations among the tourists. This place is also best for trekking and hiking. The Harishchandragad fort is marvellous and an all-time favourite spot among trekkers. This place is also a unique place for camping and it will also give tourists an amazing experience. The Ajoba Hillfort and Pimpalgaon dam are also the tourist attractions which are explored by them. One who is fed up with his busy life should go there and explore the beautiful places. The temples of this place are also very popular because of its beautiful 16th century craftsmanship.


So here are the 5 best camping destinations in Maharashtra. All the destinations are very beautiful and amazing to do camping. One who is fed up with his busy life should take out time for himself and visit there. Visit all the above places with family and friends. It is suggested to visit the places for camping especially with friends. Usually we plan all the trips with our family, so now one tour would be in the name of our friends. Plan the trip of 4 to 5 days within the budget of everyone. Enjoy the hot barbeque, bonfire, drinks, stargazing nights and unlimited talking with the friends. These 4 to 5 days will become the one of the most memorable days of their life. And especially in this period i.e. Covid 19, when no one has stepped out from their house for 1 year. Visit all the above places, explore it, do shopping for love-ones. Meet local people of the place, spend time with them and they will provide the best hospitality. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious local food of this place. All the above places have picturesque spots where we can click the beautiful pictures. 


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