5 Best Lashes For Almond Eyes


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The Almond eyes are among the most common eye shapes in Asians. But sometimes, it is quite tough to create the perfect Asian eye makeup look with almond eyes. There are plenty of reasons behind this. The major reason behind this is that to create a perfect Asian makeup look, you need to use the right products, colors, and techniques. So how about we start things off with products?

Create eye makeup for this to ensure that the almond eyes result in attractive and beautiful eyelashes. One is to choose the best mascaras for Asian lashes, and the other is to choose the best fake eyelashes for Asian eyes. 

In my opinion, the best option is to go for false lashes for almond eyes. This way you can create the right Asian makeup look without any hurdle. Therefore, today I bring to you the best lashes for Almond eyes. Let’s get in touch. 

Note: Lashes are an essential feature of doing the proper makeup. However, if you want a decent makeup look, you need to get rid of low porosity hair as well. See here, best oils for low porosity hair.

What Is An Almond Eyeshape? 

Well, the Almond eyes are among the most common eye shapes in East Asians. This eye shape is also considered one of the best eye shapes in the whole world. In case if you do not know what type of eye shape you have and at the same time you love the almond eye shape, you should look for these characteristics. 

People with an almond eye shape will have a smaller eyelid that has a longer width. Your eyes will form an oval or almond shape. 

Best Lashes For Almond Eyes

To figure out which fake lashes brand is best for Almond eyes, our researchers did a detailed study and research and find out the best eyelashes for almond eyes. These eyelashes are chosen by keeping strict criteria that ensure you get the right product. So, let us start.

1.KoKo Lashes Queen B

If you want to create a dramatic Asian eye makeup look for an upcoming occasion, then I suggest you go for the KoKo lashes for almond eyes. These eyelashes for small almond eyes can provide you with a Queen B look. The KoKo lashes are multi-layered wispy lashes that provide short, long, and dense clusters.

This way you can give an extra touch on special occasions. The best thing about these lashes for hooded almond eyes is that they are handmade. Besides, the lashes are reusable and can be used more than 10 times.

2.Ground Lashes in Style Aria false lashes

To create a bold look, I suggest you opt for the land of lashes in style Aria fake lashes. These lashes for almond hooded eyes provide you with a perfect dramatic eye look that includes crisscrossed clusters and elongated length.

Each pack of the Land of lashes fake eyelashes contains one pair of lashes. These lashes are faux mink lashes, this means that they are of the utmost quality. These fake eyelashes for almond eyes are not only of high quality, but they are reusable. Therefore, you can wear them for as long as you want. 

3.Bad Gal Lash in Provocateur

Wann create a more natural fake eyelash look? Go for the Bad girl lashes. These lashes are cut into different pieces. You can use them by putting them under the lash line. This will give you a way more natural effect. 

4.Lithe Lashes

The Lithe lashes are the only fake lashes on these best lashes for almond eyes. These lashes for almond-shaped eyes ensure that you get the right and natural eye makeup look. Besides, the Lithe lashes are way more comfortable to think. Even if you sleep while wearing them, you will not find any problem. 

5.Kiss Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit

The famous Kiss Falscara eyelashes feature tweezers, a dual-ended bond, a seal, and highly comfortable lashes. Apart from this, the Kiss falscara provides lashes with three choices. You can get the volumizing, lifting, and lengthening false eyelashes. 

Final Words

False eyelashes can provide great assistance. By using the best eyelashes for almond-shaped eyes, you can create a perfect eye makeup look. This way, you would not have to worry about your eyes when going on any special occasion.


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