5 Effective Writing Tools Students Can Use for Studies


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A student’s life, in reality, is always full of assignments, either written or oral. Numerous students find it hard to write assignments and tasks. Durable to this they end up putting off the assignment until the deadline is near. If you also find writing hard, few free tools can help you heighten your productivity.

You can find nearly any answer on Internet, with differentiating to writing apps, teaching different languages and words from Hindi e.g  Samiksha meaning to teaching Arabic e.g Osman meaning.

  • Write Monkey:

Write Monkey helps you to stay focused by eliminating distractions and making sure you stay fully focused when composing assignments. The working process of write monkey is that it launches full-screen mode to enable you to avoid distractions and block pop-ups on your desktop. It also boosts the standard of your writing with aspects like dictionaries, encyclopedias, word stats, and spell-check.

Write monkey is a writing application with a small user interface. If you’re looking for Samiksha meaning then it is a Hindi origin name which means analysis. Samiksha meaning is so cool. 

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  1. Google Docs:

Google Docs is used in approximately every contemporary browser. It doesn’t require the installation of anything additional on your PC other than a browser. It aids in saving RAM. Google Docs empowers writers by providing them with editing and styling options, hundreds of fonts, images, and links. Sometimes we write another language word in our document, e.g “Samiksha meaning”. Google docs make us choose if it is a mistake or intentional.

One of the best features in Google docs is the automatic Save feature, which reduces the risk of losing your content in case of any mishap.  Sometimes students forget to press the save button or face a power outage or the computer suddenly turns off and they end up losing all their documents. But with Google docs, that is not the case anymore. Also, the files are saved online and can be accessed on the Internet by using just a phone.

  1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is the best online grammar checker to date. It helps to identify and correct grammar and spelling mistakes. It makes sure that correct punctuation, preposition, and pronoun is used in the passage. To be able to use Grammarly, you are needed to sign up with your email and start composing your article in their text editor. When you are writing the text in the text editor, Grammarly will keep checking the text and highlight the mistakes. You can either download the desktop app or MS Word plugin but There is also a Chrome extension available that has a free version and a paid version. For paid you need to subscribe to a monthly plan and it comes with additional features but the free version also works satisfactorily. 

Grammarly will certainly help in improving your English writing skills. It removes spelling mistakes, punctuation, conciseness, and grammar mistakes.

Meaning is available all over the Internet, Samiksha meaning is an analysis, it is an Indian name with 3 syllables. Grammarly will identify the unknown words used in English passages.

  1. Quizlet:

While studying, students need to memorize stuff. For good memorization, students need lots and lots of revision. Quiz lets help you prepare for an exam or test. By creating sets in any topic and generating mock tests, flashcards, practice problems, matching contests, quizzes, and auditory methods Quizlet make sure that student sate well-prepared for the exam. It also retains numerous games make preparation a little less boring.

You need to sign up for the app and put it in your re-up. It shows Flashcards repeatedly, combined with creative study methods, these flashcards are a huge help for students to pass their hardest test. Quizlet is designed to save you time. Just think how fun and significant studying can be. Just make sure you have Quizlet next time you have an exam. and see the difference yourself.

If you’re an expecting parent and researching for your baby’s name, Samikhsha is a good name and also Samiksha meaning is analysis.

  • Dropbox:

Dropbox is one of the best productivity programs. It offers you a protected position to keep all your documents. Then you can access these documents and data on any device with an internet connection. It enables you to study everywhere. If you’d to travel urgently near your test, you can prepare for it on your phone with Dropbox. You can Store up to 2GB size of files, images, and pictures for free. If You need more storage, you can pay a little fee to get more storage capacity or receive free space by referring Dropbox to friends.

You need to sign up with an email to begin using Dropbox and enjoy the free accessibility experience.

Hopefully, this article helped you in getting your answers. If you still have more questions like Hindi words and names such as Samiksha meaning. You can find that with one search.


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