5 Essential Grooming Tips For Men – For The Wedding day


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Hey!  My fellow guys, did you make a checklist for wedding preparations? Tuxedo – check, elegant shoes & watch- check, WEDDING RING- double-check, facial- wait!! What. Yes, you heard right, its facial, and along with it much more.

On Wedding day brides are the centre of attraction and they have the whole world suggesting and helping for their big day preparations. However, my friends, this is also your day. Your looks are also important since you are the equal half for this occasion. You must have nice suit and other grooming products like skin care or beard growth kit.

Though you may have hectic routines and many times you will get exhausted in wedding and post-wedding preparations, I agree with you guys. But taking little time from this hectic routine for these simple tips for your wedding will make your life easier.

  1.       Clean the looks with a haircut

I don’t need to tell you how important your haircut is for your wedding. Also, your wedding haircut is not the usual one that you have messed with many times while following the trends. Your wedding haircut is a special one. And it’s time for you to visit a professional hairstylist.

Hit the high-end hairdresser and please make sure to tell them you’re getting this haircut for the wedding so they’ll pay greater attention to the detail. Go step further and ask them about the different hairstyle that suits your face type and personality the best. Remember to give some time to your trimmed hair before the wedding to avoid redness and roughness.

Here is the tip for you, do not get your head out of the situation, which means don’t follow the latest funk hairstyle rather go with a subtle one that gives a mature man looks.

  1.       Beard matters of the groom

Yes, a beard can be a deal maker or breaker for your wedding looks. If you have normally a scruffy look or are clean-shaven, the easiest way is to go with a clean shave. A properly done shave will give you a fresher look and make your face charming and shiny.

But if you carry heavy whiskers then it’s not a day affair, rather it needs more time than anything else to make it for the wedding day. Start taking proper care of your dense beard at least a month before. Beard growth kit, is the complete solution for your style and occasion as it contains beard wash, serums and moisturizers, they make your beard silky, fuller and itch-free if used in proper routines.

Sometimes there are patches in your beard that give it an untrimmed look, Derma Roller For Beard is a good item to grow the hairs on these patches.

Start using these products a month or two before the wedding day to avoid any skin reactions and let the skin get accustomed to these products.

  1.       Getting a skincare treatment

Its looks like something weird to many men of getting a skincare treatment. But, my friends your bride is putting a plethora of effort and time into her skincare treatments to look the absolute best of her lifetime.

It’s fair if you put some effort into the wedding and for her, she will appreciate it.

Just like beard care start it 3-4 weeks before your day. Get in touch with a dermatologist and skincare expert, give sittings for facial, occasional exfoliating masks and other required procedures. The right diet and skincare routine will make your face smoothened and glowing on your wedding day. In your skincare process make sure to include a manicure after all you two will be holding each other’s hands on your wedding and forever then after.

  1.       The scent affair

The scent of a man is very important, if you are a regular user of perfumes and colognes you know the signature fragrance of your presence in the gathering.

But if you are not a regular user and don’t know which one to choose. A friend’s advice or choice (who has attained mastery in fragrances) will go for the day. Albeit the experience and knowledge of your friend, take a precaution here- choose the fragrance that is subtle and try it before the wedding day for the whole day. Your friend’s advice should not give a hangover to you and your lovely bride.

  1.       What about waxing??

Oh! Come on, don’t give a wired ‘no’ to it. For few guys out there all over waxing is not a big deal but many have a horrific view of it. Don’t jump to conclusions, think first about what is best for you.

If you know your girl doesn’t like the bushy back of yours and tangled hairs on your chest (and also at your private parts). It would be a nice gesture to shear them before the wedding and go clean.

To achieve this most resistible last mile of preparations marathon, go to a reputed salon and be prepared for the procedures and heated screams, but follow the aftercare instructions very strictly.

A little extra time and money will make all the difference.


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