5 Holiday Activities to Learn Math


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Math is an important part of a child’s education. But not only our academic life, math is something that we use often in our daily lives. We need math to check dates, count money, tell time, add, subtract and multiply various things everyday. Apart from these, math also helps us identify different shapes and sizes, sort them and learn about their characteristics. But though it’s important to learn math, most kids shy away from the subject.

This is because of math anxiety. When kids don’t get the right introduction to the subject and are rushed through the various concepts, they tend to get confused. This confusion can hinder their learning and make them wary of the subject, which could lead to the kids fearing the subject. The best way to counteract this is to give kids the right introduction and opportunities to learn math and fall in love with the subject. Fun activities and games are a great way to help kids learn math. These activities and games are also a great tool to help children learn math during holidays and celebrations.

For example, most kids tend to forget about math and math lessons during Christmas. But Christmas-themed math activities entice children to learn math during the holidays and help keep their learning on track. Here are 5 fun activities to help kids learn math during the holidays.

Holiday-themed Math Learning Activities for Kids

  1. Holiday-themed Worksheets: Worksheets are one of the best ways to keep kids occupied during the holiday season. Not only do they keep kids busy and out of trouble, but they also help them learn important math concepts. For example, Christmas math worksheets are a great way to keep kids busy and help them learn math at Christmastime. Additionally, practicing on worksheets are a great way to help kids commit information they’ve learnt to memory. In addition to this, holiday-themed worksheets also help the kids continue learning during the holiday season.
  2. Counting Christmas Candies: Christmas offers a great many opportunities to teach math to kids. Help your little ones learn how to count during the holiday season using Christmas candies or other goodies. You can also use the candies to teach children how to sort. Simply ask the kids to sort the candies according to their shape, size and color. 
  3. Crafting: Crafts are a wonderful activity for children, especially during the holidays. Get your kids crafting to make handmade gifts or ornaments for the Christmas tree. All the measuring, cutting, gluing and building shapes are great math lessons for kids. In addition to this, you can also include a classifying triangles worksheet to improve their knowledge of triangles. This activity helps children learn about different math concepts like measurements, shapes etc. In addition to this, this activity also helps improve the child’s imagination and creativity.
  4. Holiday Baking: One activity that kids will enthusiastically jump into is baking. Get your kids to help with the holiday baking. This activity helps them learn about fractions, weights, volumes, measurements etc. Holiday cookies are also a great introduction to shapes and sizes.
  5. Math Mazes: Little kids love mazes and solving worksheets with mazes. So, this holiday season, keep your kids busy learning math with some math mazes. You can choose from a variety of different math-themed mazes like addition, subtraction, skip counting etc. Along with boosting your child’s math skills, this activity also improves the child’s thinking skills.

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