5 Signs That WordPress SEO Services Are Legit 


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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms out there, especially for bloggers and for businesses that are content-driven. It’s definitely one of the best content management systems and not just a popular platform. 

Through plugins like WooCommerce, entrepreneurial spirits can convert the basic WordPress platform into a robust eCommerce-centric machine – and that brings digital marketing into the question. How will these businesses reach their customers and spread brand awareness?

Well, a large part of that for any online business is SEO or search engine optimization. WordPress sites are compatible with a wide range of SEO plugins like Yoast, SEMRush, and SEOPress, some of which are free and easy to use and can streamline SEO campaigns. 

However, saying that anyone can manage an SEO strategy with WordPress simply because WordPress accepts SEO plugins is like suggesting that anyone who can run a mile is qualified to compete as a long-distance runner. As in so many other areas of life, there’s “more to it than that.”

So these entrepreneurs often find themselves looking for WordPress SEO Services – and here’s how to tell whether or not they are legit. 

1.They start with an eCommerce SEO audit and an industry analysis 

Let us speak in no uncertain terms. It is impossible to develop a custom, effective SEO campaign for a business without performing a thorough industry analysis. An SEO company can identify issues and areas for opportunities on the fly, during the course of a campaign, but this is inefficient and incomplete. The best WordPress SEO service providers start with a deep dive into their clients’ industries and actually audit their client’s WordPress websites for areas for improvement. 

2.They allow you to make (or even suggest) keyword swaps as a part of their scope of work

WordPress SEO experts (all SEO experts, actually) know that SEO is not a static game. To win you need a strategy, but you also need a strategy that can adapt to a changing field. Customer search trends and intent change throughout the year, in response to competitive pressure, and even with the release of new products and technology. To be effective, the keyword research and strategy of a WordPress SEO campaign need to be flexible.

3.They provide you with content relevant to your industry on an ongoing basis

In addition to off-page SEO, link-building strategies, and technical optimization, high-quality content is crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. It is one of the biggest ranking signals in search engine optimization and content that engages customers and answers questions that will help your WordPress website rank higher in the search results and boost traffic and sales. Without quality content, an SEO package will be limited. 

4.They have a technical team that monitors your GSC and GA 

When you’re sourcing WordPress SEO services, make sure you ask the agency if they will monitor your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts. Ongoing monitoring is vital to understand overarching trends in organic traffic and user behavior as well as to uncovering and remediating any technical errors (especially those picked up by GSC). 

5.They offer eCommerce consulting services in addition to WordPress SEO services 

Any flexible provider of WordPress SEO services should offer consulting services, in order to better fit the role of a strategic partner. The partner you choose should be well-positioned to help your organization grow through valuable industry insights or with the provision of other digital marketing services.

An expert provider of WordPress SEO services that fits the bill is Genius eCommerce; check out their website at GeniusEcommerce.com to learn more – you can get more familiar with their services or even read up on customer testimonials. 


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