5 Things That You Must Pack for a Safari Tour


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If you have planned a safari tour with your family then you must be pretty excited. After all, safari trips are adventurous, exciting and a lot of fun. But like any other trip, you must pack a few important things so that you can have a hassle-free tour throughout your stay.

Whether you are going on a luxury safari Tanzania or an enthralling safari trip to Kenya, you must pack some essentials to make your trip convenient. While clothes and toiletries are the first things that we pack in our luggage, you need a few extra items as well to keep yourself safe and comfortable on a safari tour.

The wilderness of a safari jungle trip is a fascinating experience but it can also be unexpected. You can come across any circumstance and it is important to be prepared for it.

Here we have listed some important things that you must pack in when going for a safari tour. Keep reading till the end to find out.

1. Sanitizer & Wet Wipes

While safari trips will take you closer to nature and wilderness, it will also make you dirty and covered in dirt mostly. The safari trips are generally explored in an open window vehicle.

The vehicle crosses through jungles and other landscapes like deserts. It is a joyous experience, however, the outer elements will make you dirty. The dust will get everywhere and even in a stop you might not find any place to refresh.

In such situations, wet wipes and hand sanitizers come in handy. You can quickly clean yourself up with a few wipes and the sanitizer on the go.

2. Hats, Scarves or Caps

You need to protect your hair from all the dust and the outdoor elements that you’ll be exposed to. Sure the safari rides will keep you engaged and thrilled but you’ll find that your hair will turn into a tangled mess at the end of the trip.

Also, you’ll be exposed to sunlight all day and that can do great damage to your hair. Don’t forget to pack hats, scarves or caps along with your clothes. Keep your hair covered and protected with the use of a proper hat or a scarf.

3. A Rain Jacket

Safari tours are highly unexpected. The same can be said for weather conditions as well. You might get caught in rain and get sick for the rest of the trip.

Don’t make the mistake of trusting the weather forecast instead be prepared. Pack a nice rain jacket as you never know when the clouds start to form and it rains.

Even in the usually dry months of October, you can come across rain and a rain jacket would be definitely an essential item to pack in your luggage.

4. Take Earth Toned Clothes

As we mentioned earlier, safari rides tend to get dirty and dusty. No way you can wear fancy clothes to a safari tour. You’ll be out in the wilderness for a long time and for that you need clothes that are not only comfortable but also earth toned.

Otherwise, your clothes will look soiled and just a complete mess. Therefore, choose earth toned colors of clothing such as olive, brown, khaki which will most probably blend with the dirt itself.

Also, you can go for neutral colored clothing as bright colors can draw unnecessary attention from the wildlife.

5. Power Backups

Taking a luxury safari Tanzania tour or any other safari tour would be incomplete without capturing the moment in your camera. But what if your camera runs out of battery right when you are observing something fascinating.

Well, in such times of crisis, a power backup device can come handy and help you charge the camera and other devices as well. You will not miss out the opportunity to capture the moment.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning a safari trip then make sure to pack these crucial items as well in your luggage.

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