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Money or funds make the world continue to run at its pace. It allows you to pay overseas suppliers, vendors, and other affiliates without incurring expensive transaction fees.

If you want to make an international money transfer using a local bank transfer. Also, remittances play a huge part in keeping the global economy afloat. Indeed, there are various reasons to send money internationally; you have multiple services and operators to choose from.

Now, let us look at the five tips to consider before making a money transfer.

Tips To Make International Money Transfer

  • Reliability

The safety and security of money and personal information can be a major concern and vital. In addition, it is of utmost importance for those intending to use international money transfer services. 

Depending on an unreliable operator will put your money at risk. On the contrary, they can also compromise your financial information and lead to bigger problems. So, for reliable money transfers, you need an authentic channel.

With a strong reputation, they guarantee peace of mind by placing strict security checks on each transaction layer. In addition, there are rigorous ID checks at both ends for the remitter and the recipient. 

In addition, each transaction is secured with a unique sixteen-digit PIN. It is the number that the receiver needs to produce along with valid identification for collecting the funds.

Suppose you intend to make transfers regularly, start with a small trial transaction. First, however, it helps you understand all the variables and processes involved. In this manner, you can check the service quality and reduce turnaround times while making actual transactions.

  • Speed

Time is of the essence when looking to send money internationally. Indeed, your relatives may need funds for a medical emergency, finalise an investment deal, or pay college fees. 

However, the recent advancements in financial technology have added immense value to the remittance service industry. With some authentic channels, you get no points for guessing the real-time transfers when it counts.

Instead, you can check for favourable rates on the currency converter on their website and transfer funds to your beneficiaries. Moreover, you can use the transaction tracker tool on their website.

It updates you on the status of your money at every step until your intended recipient collects it. If possible, select an international money transfer service that strikes a balance between the transfer speed and the remittance fee.

  • Convenience 

An authentic channel offers the flexibility to select a medium of your convenience. In addition, you can send money instantly through cash pay-out channels. The recipient can pick up cash from one of the multiple cash pick-up locations in various countries.

Furthermore, you can send money overseas through an account credit or mobile wallet services that offer convenience to the beneficiaries. Also, you can leverage favourable exchange rates that can help you make the most of your money transfers.

  • Transaction costs

Apart from annual growth in the global remittance market, the transaction costs remain high in the African market. Moreover, the average remittance fee for some corridors is usually higher than the worldwide average. 

It includes a mark-up on the currency conversion and additional commissions. In addition, these costs can quickly add up if there are many intermediaries involved. 

In such a case, the cost of remitting funds can be high, and the customers could feel exploited.  

An authentic channel does not include hidden costs or other charges in the international money transfer fees. It is based on its operational transparency level. 

Instead, for every transaction, you can use the currency converter. You can use it to assess the amount your relative will get at the end of the transaction. 

Moreover, you can look for the inter-bank rate between currencies on Google or another financial news website. 

  • Customer service

The customer is king in the real market. But, if your service provider makes you feel like the king. In addition, customer experience forms the core of every service. 

When a customer makes an inquiry the final transaction is complete. It is because where money is involved, many things can go wrong. For example, there could be ID issues, regulatory checks, or plain server downtime that can delay transactions.

However, you need a service provider that understands your concerns. At the same time, they can proactively resolve issues and reduce your fears. Customer-centricity is the core philosophy of authentic channels. 

Furthermore, customer support is available to you round the clock, anywhere in the world. The digitally responsive interface of the website ensures that you have information access at all times in the remote area. 

  • Safety

Paypal or OFX are some examples of international money transfer providers that can provide various benefits. Suppose, you and your recipient have an account with these providers, you can transfer money faster online.

You make sure that they follow the regulations of the countries in which they operate. In addition, they should meet the international security standards that protect against various transfer issues. Such money transfer issues like money laundering and other international needs.

For protection in Europe and the UK, the service providers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK licensed as Electronic Money Institutions. It means that they follow European rules to protect people using payment services. 

In the United States, service providers should be licensed for money transactions in the states in which they operate, and must follow all applicable state and federal laws.   

Which is the essential factor for making an international money transfer?

The best way to make an international transfer of funds depends on various factors. You should try Tamsey Fund Transfer to send money overseas to your loved ones as of course, the cost is one of the essential factors, but speed and convenience are factors to consider. 

Conclusively, you need to know about the fees of transfer. It is the fees charged to transfer your money as a part of the cost you will pay. You just need to pick the right provider for your needs and you can enjoy simple, fast and cost-effective international money transfers.


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