5 Ways LCD Video Greeting Cards Are Better Than Regular Greeting Cards


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Giving out greeting cards is a thoughtful gesture that many of us adopt. Whether it is with the intention to greet someone on their auspicious day or used for the purpose of marketing, greeting cards convey the intended message in a considerate way.

While traditional greeting cards made out of printed text and images are still appreciated, for commercial or rather marketing purposes LCD video greeting cards are more preferable. In fact, marketers think the use of LCD video greeting cards are better than the regular greeting cards.

Continue to read till the end to find out ways in which the upgraded LCD video greeting cards are better than the conventional ones.


    Interactive & Attractive

There is no denying the fact that LCD video enabled greeting cards are way more attractive than regular greeting cards. Even though the outer cover of the LCD cards has printed paper, the inside of the card has the video screen.

Additionally, LCD video greeting cards are interactive as the recipient can play, pause or stop the video as per their desire. With customization, you can further amplify the interactive feature of the video that makes your greeting cards look more advanced and attractive.

Regular greeting cards in comparison to LCD video greeting cards look simple and boring.


    Longer Lifespan

The traditional greeting cards are made entirely out of paper. No matter how good quality paper manufacturers use for greeting cards, they aren’t as durable as LCD video greeting cards.

Wear and tear or even a spill can damage the content of these greeting cards. However, LCD video greeting cards use high quality cardboard paper to print the outer design and the video screen is placed inside the card ideally to make it look appealing.

The overall design and build of LCD video greeting cards are durable and can easily withstand minor wear and tear. However, spills can cause water damage to the video screen, nevertheless they are able to resist many obstacles.

It can be rightly said that LCD video enabled greeting cards have longer lifespan than the regular greeting cards.

  1.   Multiple Message Options

You can convey a lot of things with video greeting cards. While the regular greeting cards can also be customized to print personalized messages, there is a limitation of text and images printed on traditional greeting cards.

The video feature of the new LCD screen enables greeting cards to include multiple message options. You can include more than one video in greeting cards to convey your message in an elaborative and interactive way.

You can be creative with your video production and innovate a new way to convey your message to the recipient of the card. The long battery life and rechargeable feature of the LCD video greeting cards further makes it convenient for including lengthier video messages.

Make sure to discuss with the manufacturer to learn about the length of video and number of video messages that you can include in these advanced greeting cards.


    High Visual Appeal

It is a proven fact that moving images or videos are more likely to appeal to people than just text and still images. The regular greeting cards are honestly plain and simple with just text and printed images.

However, LCD video greeting cards not only allow texts to be added to the card but also include an interactive video player inside the card. This significantly adds value and raises the visual appeal of the cards.

Marketers can utilize these greeting cards to appeal to their intended customers and clients. For people who are looking to gift a greeting card with a high value can use LCD video greeting cards for the purpose.

  1.   Multiple Card Size & Screen Size

The LCD video greeting cards manufacturing companies like bigDAWGS offers multiple card sizes to choose from which gives customers flexible options. Aside from different card sizes, customers can also choose from different video screen sizes.

If you have a certain budget then you can choose a specific size of your choice to accommodate your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Try giving out LCD video greeting cards rather than the backdated regular greeting cards.

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