6 Most Common Types Of Painting:


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Painting is one of the oldest forms of art. Splashing colors on canvas gave humans a way to express their surroundings and feelings for the people yet to come.  

After hundreds of years, people developed different kinds of painting each with its distinct beauty and charm. In this article, we will discuss the 6 most common but different forms of painting from around the world.

1-Oil painting:

Oil painting is considered to be one of the most difficult forms of painting. You can check the oil painting by its buttery smooth texture and wonderful scent.

It gets its texture from the dring oil which is used for the binding of pigments. Its oldest samples were discovered from India and China. Which can be dated back to the 5th century but it became popular somewhere in the 15th century.

2-Watercolor painting:

It is one of the most popular forms of painting. For this colors are mixed in the water-based liquid which gave it its name.

It is considered as hard as oil paintings. Many artists are making very good art pieces with watercolors which are often very close to reality.

It is very important to understand the color mixture as a slight change in the proportion of colors can change the shades.

3-Digital painting:

It is one of the most modern and trending forms of art. It is made by using computers on different software. The manual way of painting is very different from this as different paints are not used and there is room for error because of the Undo option.

Digital painting gives access to a large variety of textures and color shades and can be used very easily.

You do not need to practice for years to master this form which makes it easier than other forms.

4-Spray Painting:

It is also one of the newest art forms. In this, the paint from the spray can make an art form.

It is mostly used on street art, wood, metal, and ceramic. To get better results artists use different tools which are available easily in the stores like titan sprayer parts.

It requires special safety equipment as well because toxic materials are present in these paints and when sprayed it can get into the human body through inhaling.

5-Pastel painting

Pastel sticks are used in this type of painting. Pastel sticks are powder sticks held together by a binding agent. It enables artists to draw and color at the same time. You can buy ready-made sticks easily.

It gives deep and rich colors so it is recommended if it is required.

Layering can also be done on canvas to get better results.

6-Sand painting

Sand painting is done using a layer of colored sand on top of the canvas with the light source underneath. Sand is moved with hands to create impressions. It is a temporary art form and also part of many cultures like Buddhist and Indian. In India, it is known as rangoli or kolam.

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