6 Tricks to Memorize Quran The Quran Fast


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A lot of people believe that memorizing the Holy Quran is an easy task. But, they are wrong. Memorizing the Holy Quran is difficult. You will have to spend hours learning. Furthermore, as a beginner, one will have a lot of problems in memorizing the Holy Quran in the Arabic Language. So, it’s time to make the task easier? Well, you should go for the online Quran classes. These classes will help you in your hour of need. So, what are online Quran classes?

What Are Online Quran Classes?

Online Quran classes are professional services that provide you with a quality Quran teaching. The online Quran classes do everything online. Furthermore, the read Quran online service is beneficial. It can not only save you a lot of your time but you can also save your money. 

While they demand a fair amount of fee. Not only this, but the online Quran tutor they provide is also a professional. But, hiring a Quran tutor online will make a difference, but you need to put in the effort by yourself as well. So, here are the three main tricks that can help you memorize the Holy Quran. 

1.Go for the Best Website To Learn Quran Online

In the first step, you will start looking for online Quran classes. These days, there are a lot of scams on browsers. Hence, you need to be vigilant during this step. So, hire the best online Quran tutor you can find. Once you have hired the online Quran for kids service, your learning will become easier. The learn Quran online service will put you under the supervision of a qualified online Quran teacher. 

2Pay Attention During the Online Quran Memorization Classes

It is important to pay attention during the online Quran classes. No matter how much your online Quran tutor tries, the student is the one who needs to do the real effort. So, when you take online Quran memorization classes, you should try to stay free of distractions. Use one laptop for taking the learn Quran online skype classes. Stay away from your other gadgets. 

Furthermore, as you will have the full authority of scheduling your online Quran classes, it is preferred to take the classes in the morning. It is scientifically proven that a person’s mind is fresh in the morning. So, memorizing the Holy Quran in the morning is the best option. 

3.Listen More and More Quranic Recitation

When it comes to memorizing the Holy Quran, the online Quran classes for kids will professionally do everything. So, it is up to you whether you want to grasp the concept or not. We all know how difficult the Arabic language is. So, what can be done? 

Well, you should listen to the Quran verses again and again. To make matters easier, you should listen to those verses which you have recently memorized. This will help you a lot. You should at least listen to the recitation for one to two hours. The more you listen, the easier it becomes to memorize the Holy Quran. 

4.Learn The Holy Quran Tajweed

Although it is not obligatory to learn the Quran with Tajweed, many renowned scholars recommend it. Indeed, learning the Holy Quran with Tajweed is quite beneficial. As we are aware of the fact that memorizing 30 parts of the Holy Quran in the Arabic language is difficult. 

A person can easily make mistakes in pronunciation. Even if one word is pronounced in the wrong way, the whole meaning would change. This is a big sin. That is why when you learn to read the Quran online, it is important to learn it with Tajweed. 

5.Keep on reciting the Verses

Once you have taken your class, you should not stop. If you want to memorize the Quran with ease, keep on reciting the verses you have recently learned. This will help you in committing them to memory. Furthermore, you can also write the verses on a small piece of paper. This will help you a lot. Whenever you feel the need, just take out your notes and memorize them. 

6.Maintain Your Goals

No matter what you do, one cannot succeed without goals. That is why you should maintain your goals. But do not get too optimistic. Keep your goals under the light of reality. You should set targets for each day. But, do not try to exceed the limit. As too much burden can cause problems. 

Final Words

We’ve shared with you some practical tips that will help you memorize the Quran fast. If you are an enthusiast of memorizing the entire or any part of the Quran, these tips will be handy for you. So start your journey of memorizing the Quran and Hifz it as quickly as you can. 


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