7 Beautiful Braid Hairstyles That Suit You


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Is it very hot and do you want to be more comfortable? There is nothing better than a braid. A low and very polished one will give you a more sophisticated look, while a braid with a lot of volume, almost disheveled, will give you a more casual touch. And if you do not know which hairstyle to choose, bet on a semi-updo, it is a perfect alternative. This season, hairstyles with two braids and more casual and trendy options are also taking place, such as the unfinished braids that are succeeding in street style

Hairstyle with braid and ponytail

This form of braid is a classic that usually stars in many of the street style looks and, although we have seen it in various styles, this year the elegant version is showing off: the ponytail lemonade braids. It is a simple and very comfortable way to wear the braid for those who have long hair. You can choose to leave a couple of front strands loose or gather all of your hair with a bobby pin behind your ears. You choose! 

Pigtail hairstyle with braids

Whether this year you have a tiktoker vein or if you want to look like Hailey Bieber, you just need this little trick to make your ponytails unique. Make two baby braids that go from the roots to the area where the scrunchie is put on. It’s a quick and easy detail that makes a difference. 

Hairstyle with boxer braids

Boxer braids are an addictive basic: as soon as you learn how to do them, you look so pretty that you want to always wear them. In addition to favoring all types of face, they are very versatile, youthful and quite helpful for all kinds of occasions. In fact, surely during some stage of your life you have worn them. Now it’s your turn! 

Side braid hairstyle

Herringbone, strappy, undone … choose the braid style you fancy, but set it aside. To flatter your face, leave a few loose strands in the front. If you have straight hair, wave them for a cool result. 

Boho braid hairstyle

We are used to seeing hairstyles with small and subtle braids, but why not give them all the prominence of our look? In this case, the updo, with a disheveled effect, takes on more importance than the layer of loose hair. It is an easy and original idea. 

Half braids’

Randomly and without even using a rubber band to pick them up: this is how half braids or half braids are worn. We are talking about an ephemeral trend, because this type of collection lasts very little on the hair if we do not retain it with a scrunchy, but the boho and romantic effect we get is incredible. Do you dare to try it?

 Hairstyle with front braids

Front braids are one of the most powerful trends, as many influencers have worn them in recent months. It is a simple but very fun and stylish way to pick up the strands in the fringe area. It doesn’t take five minutes and the result is the best. You can choose one on each side of the hair or try asymmetry, looking odd. You will be ideal. 

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