7 Best TikTok Trends That Creators Should Know In 2022


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TikTok trends are how TikTok organizes its viral hashtags and music. You can easily access the most popular current TikTok Trends within the app by tapping the ‘Discover’ option (magnifying glass) and selecting Trends at the screen’s top.


And, whereas top trendy hashtags on various social media platforms such as Twitter typically vanish within a day, the TikTok Trends can persist for months.


A few years ago, only tweens and teenagers were aware of TikTok. However, in 2021, all of that has changed, and you’re just as likely to see video content created by parents become viral as those produced by their children.


Here we can see the top seven TikTok trends that happened in 2021, which can be helpful for the creators in 2022 on TikTok. Let’s dive in.


3D Photo Challenge

The 3D photography trend is an excellent method for photographers to bring their work to life. Many online apps allow you to convert your photographs into 3D moving images. It’s a marvelous thing and adds an entirely new depth to your photos.


In this way, you can quickly grab more TikTok fans to support your creativity which takes you to the top form on the platform. You may have a high chance of playing your content on the FYP, which helps increase engagement.


Album Covers

The trend ‘anything could be an album cover’ is both inventive and amusing, with above 4.5 billion views and its unique TikTok filter. The objective is to capture screenshots of your video clips and convert them into an album cover by cropping them into a square and adding an ‘explicit content logo.’ It is ideal for filmmakers with great pictures or graphic designers they can manipulate to create gorgeous album covers.



The #tellmewithouttellingme trend enables authors to approach nearly any subject in a lighthearted manner. Typically, the designer will say something along the lines of ‘Tell me you are drunk without really telling me. I’ll take the initiative.” Then, without uttering those actual words, they will do something that indicates they are drunk. One widely shared video shows a young man strolling around a bar neighborhood, showing off the chicken pieces hidden in his pants pocket. That is sufficient.


Rather than encouraging an Instagram-like obsession with perfection, TikTok enables creators to show themselves in a fun and approachable way.



You may identify yourself as a TikTok creative by using clips or photographs of your work and yourself. You may be an artist in any media, whether graphic design, photography, painting, or sculpture – this stunning trend is for you.



While specific TikTok Trends, such as #sheesh, are somewhat technical and specialized in nature, others are more wide and self-explanatory. A superb instance is the #eidmubarak trend, which recently provided a chance for the 1.8 billion Muslims across the world to discuss their culture and religion via a short video, alongside those seeking to show their solidarity and friendship.


A review of this TikTok trend demonstrates the breadth of people’s perspectives on the subject, from those who highlight the festival’s important religious and spiritual parts to those who discuss the difficulties of fasting or the necessity to Eid dress up.


However, all of these stand in sharp contrast to mainstream television’s presentation of Islam, which is generally seen through the lens of non-Muslims. Because Muslim people make these videos, they are typically far more human, engaging, amusing, and instructive.


What it demonstrates: The #eidmubarak movement demonstrates how globalized our society has become. It, hopefully, implies that future generations will have a greater understanding of how different ethnic groups, religions, and nationalities live and view the world.



The #sheesh trend encourages young people to look ahead to the future and to look back. The question is, ‘Who would win? Which version of you are you in 2018 or 2021?’ Consequently, a series of video clips demonstrates just how much has changed for people in the previous three years. These are often set to the MotorSport song, with the year change occurring directly on the drop.


What it uncovers: While marketers and the media frequently portray groups like Millennials or Gen Z as a set and unchanging, actual people are continuously developing and changing. And 2018 vs. 2017 pattern demonstrates how aware they are about it.



As you have indeed observed from its recent television ads, TikTok wants people to understand that it’s not simply a platform for pleasure but also a place to learn about the world. As a result, the #learnontiktok trend covers all forms of education, from specialized skills.


While you may believe that short-term video is not an ideal medium for learning, this TikTok Trend demonstrates how much knowledge can be conveyed in only a few seconds.


Consider the TikTok channel of internet business activist Gary Vaynerchuk as an excellent example. Rather than simply speaking to the camera, his videos often include him talking with entrepreneurs and candidly responding to their concerns about life and business in general.


What it indicates is that TikTok is about more than fun entertainment. Additionally, its users are eager to learn new skills or better understand the possibilities that life has to offer.

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