7 Common Myths about Teeth Extraction Dispelled


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Although it is a popular opinion, so we will say it anyway. Nobody wants to frequent the dentist, because they are afraid of all those surgical instruments. The mere thought of sitting beside a dentist is enough to make people scream. Most of this fear finds its roots in the word of the street. 

According to the best dental surgeon in Rawalpindi, tooth extraction is an invasive procedure and is extremely safe to perform. Make sure to not pay attention to these tell-tales. Here in this blog, we will be extracting the real from the false.

Addressing the Common Misconceptions Regarding Tooth Extraction

Most of the time people avoid dentists because of these myths. Let us debunk these myths so that you are able to pay extra attention to these matters. 

  • It’s All About the Wisdom Teeth

People often tend to believe that only wisdom teeth are extracted. But that is not the only case. You can and you might need the procedure of tooth extraction for several other reasons as well. 

The reasons for tooth extraction are written below dentist in Westminster CA.

  • Traumatic damage 
  • Too many teeth in your mouth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Severe tooth decay

So it is not only when you have developed a wisdom tooth that you are in need of this surgical procedure. You may need tooth extraction because of the aforementioned reasons.

  • Pain, Pain and just Pain

Another myth that circulates around us is that these tooth extractions are painful. Yes, you do feel some pressure around the area, but they are not that painful!

Dentists are reliable people and they tend to use the right and suitable anesthetic for these procedures. Anesthetics numbs the painful sensation in those areas. Before the surgical procedures, the dental surgeon will apply the anesthetic to your teeth and gum tissue. All you will feel is just a prick of a needle and nothing else.

Moreover, if the surgery is a bit deep, you will be asleep during the whole process. So do not pay attention when someone says that these extractions are painful. Because they are not. 

  • Replacement of an Extracted Tooth….Nah Not Needed!

People tend to believe that they do not have to fill up the space that is left in their mouth. But surprisingly this is not the case. If left unguarded, this can lead to serious dental complications. 

Let me share a surprising aspect with you. The teeth in your mouth, if you fail to pay attention to them, tend to shift to vacant spaces. This can change your mouth angles and will have an impact on your mouth. Your smile will be affected big time due to this misalignment. 

Teeth in your mouth are not just there for you to chew your food. Another important function that they perform is that they provide support to your jawbone. Their absence can cause bone deterioration. This can also affect your ability to chew and communicate properly with people.

  • It Takes Time to Recover

Another misconception is that it takes months to fully recover. This is not the case. People often tend to exaggerate things a bit. There has been cases of one or two days recovery and it is pretty normal. It entirely depends upon your teeth location and angle. 

For example if the location is easily accessible the healing process will get completed within days. Difficult locations and angles may require more time. 

  • Problems will Arise Even after Tooth Extraction

This statement is highly misunderstood. Tooth extraction is no doubt a surgical process, but it does not mean that it is excruciatingly painful. Because there are ways to cope with the pain. 

You just have to be careful in what you eat. This is because your teeth has been through a lot.to sustain the changes in your gums, make sure to eat accordingly. There is no such issue that can arise after tooth extraction which is not treatable. 

It is easy to tackle the issue of bleeding. Just put a bag of ice on your jaw. If the situation worsens then pay a visit to your dentist.

Closing Remarks

Now that we have debunked a few of the common misconceptions regarding tooth extraction. Do not fear your dentist. Teeth are your companion for life. That is why make sure to pay attention to your oral health. 

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