7 Scariest Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas


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Halloween is almost here, do you have any unique ideas for this year’s carnival?

Let’s refer to the most unique and strange Halloween decorations, guaranteed to transform your space into the most creepy and impressive. 

The simplest way to decorate Halloween with pumpkins

As an indispensable symbol of Halloween, decorating Halloween with pumpkins will be the perfect decoration idea for this party. You can completely transform pumpkins into different shapes, and can also be embellished with fancy and creepy details that will make the masquerade party more interesting.

On Halloween, scary decorated pumpkins are widely sold, along with a lot of discount codes, coupons when buying. Be smart to use discount codes, coupons to buy impressive Halloween decorations.

How to decorate horror Halloween with ghost images

According to folk beliefs, on this day, people often dress up as hideous and creepy images to scare away evil spirits. The image of a ghost is a simple but extremely scary Halloween decoration idea.

The ghosts representing the dead who wish to be transcended are reproduced through white, gentle images, flying like the wind. You can use paper, balloons, or white cloth, and add more creepy drawings. This material makes it easy to fly in the wind, feeling like ghosts are hovering.

Halloween decoration ideas scary animals

Creepy-looking animals such as bats, spiders, crows … with black bring a gloomy, mysterious look, flocks of bats flying around the house, spiders crawling all over the floor, swarms of rodents. A few crows parked in front of the gate will make the space very impressive, and mingle with an interesting carnival. 

Ghostly and gloomy witch effigy

In fairy tales, witches are always evil, scary characters and always make others afraid. Halloween decoration ideas inspired by witch images will be a unique highlight to add color to the party.

The most commonly used decor image is a character dressed in black, holding a broom and wearing a black wide-brimmed hat.

Suggestions for decorating Halloween with mummies 

Egyptian mummies with mysterious stories will be the mysterious theme for masquerade parties. You can use toilet paper to wrap around, combine with gore, creepy drawings that will bring surprise as well as an impressive masquerade party.

Horror spooky skeleton

According to custom, on Halloween night, people will often dress up as creepy and bizarre images. The appearance of ghostly skeletons will be the highlight that stimulates the fear and imagination of everyone attending the party.

In addition to makeup, they can be modeled from paper and plastic. You can easily buy Halloween decorations or Halloween decorations anywhere on this occasion or you can make your own.

Halloween decorations, stickers to make the space more attractive

In addition to themed decor ideas, you can use convenient wall hangings for Halloween decorations in the room as well as outdoors, Halloween decorative stickers on the glass doors to add color to the space. You can buy these decorations easily on e-commerce sites.

During the Halloween sale, there will be a lot of discount codes and coupons for halloween decorations that will help you save a lot of money on your purchase.

Some other scary outdoor Halloween decorations

Sparkling witch hat

The witch hat is designed with a mysterious orange light, which certainly cannot help but make us startle at night. Suddenly in the middle of the night, these electric hats are turned on, the normal space must become like the space of a witch.

Bats hanging in the garden

With houses with gardens around, hanging a flock of black-winged bats, with fiery eyes, standing out in the dark, must be an interesting choice. At dusk or night, if you bump into these bats, you definitely can’t help but scream out of fear.

Metal skeleton

Skeletons are a very popular image during Halloween. Whether the space around the house is not enough for impressive decoration, or the narrow house does not have enough room for elaborate decoration, just 1 metal skeleton placed somewhere, is enough to make anyone jump. myself when I touch it.  

Death statue

The god of death holding a scythe is not an unfamiliar image of Halloween. If during the day, you can see a statue of the god of death somewhere, you will probably feel normal, but if it is dusk and at night, surely even if you know this is a statue, you will be shocked. me.  

Giant silk spiders

Small spiders will not scare you, but a large group of spiders in the middle of the garden will scare you. Spiders not only scare you about their size but also make your garden dark around the clock.

Spiders trapped in bottles

The big spiders were locked in the jars, but the ghostly fire in the jar made the trapped spider suddenly become very dangerous and scary, especially at night. This is a simple decoration style, but quite impressive for homes that do not like to display but enough to startle others.


Above are the 7 scariest outdoor Halloween decoration ideas, do you have any ideas for the upcoming Halloween holiday? Please refer to the article and start decorating a Halloween-themed space! Wish you have a happy Halloween.


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