7 Top Grammatical Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make in Assignments for High Grades!


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Students do many writing works like assignments, exams, etc., during their academics. No matter how skilled a student is, they commit some sort of grammatical errors. These grammar errors degrade the work’s quality and affect the writing. Though scholars study grammar as an important part of their English education, grammar mistakes are common. 

Writing tasks like assignments are very usual for students as part of their academics. The professors check the assignments, and accordingly, the marks are graded. Further, these scores are added to their mark sheet during final grading. So, it is very crucial to maintain the uniqueness and the standard of the work to the top-notch. 

Grammar errors are very general in any writing work, as they happen unintentionally. Scholars have to write lengthy and time-consuming assignments, which causes grammatical mistakes to occur. So, the students must take care of such grammatical faults. This article provides the complete list of grammatical mistakes that students make in their work and should be avoided as per the suggestions of experts’ finest assignment writing service to the students. The most common grammar errors students often make while writing their assignments are listed below and should be avoided:

Improper Comparisons:

A very common grammatical mistake students make is the use of improper comparison words. This makes the sentences look senseless and meaningless. Students must keep in mind what they are trying to compare in their sentences. Besides, while framing such sentences that depict the comparison between two things, they must give effective clarifications. Else, the readers would get confused with the comparisons.

Don’t Overuse Adverbs and Prepositions:

The use of adverbs and prepositions in an assignment is unavoidable. But, using them in excess can degrade the effectiveness of your work. Adverbs are the modified verbs that are concluded with -ly. On the other hand, nouns and pronouns are replaced with prepositions words. 

So remember, surplus usage of adverbs in assignments depicts that your choices of the verbs are low. Prepositions help to indicate the directions, periods, and locations in writing. Additionally, too much use of prepositions makes the assignment writing discursive. Thus, limit them according to the type and tone of writing.

Obscure Modifiers:

Another most common grammatical flaw is mislaid transformer called blinking modifiers. These transformers can change the preceding phrase or the one that accompanies it. It is necessary to shift the place of these modifiers within the sentences in an assignment to rectify such a squirting alternate. In addition, it will enhance the reader’s capability to know that changed words. 

Fused Statements:

Fused or run-on sentences can make your writing look very complex and filthy. The students in a hurry to finish statements clash with no proper use of punctuations like period, semi-colons, etc. Run-on statements can be short and lengthy as well. However, lengthy sentences don’t need to be fused. To keep away from a run-on sentence, it is required to keep a check that two clauses don’t convey the same information.

Joined Commas:

Significantly, scholars don’t take care of comma splices while writing an assignment task. This refers to using commas for differentiating between two individualistic statements. Rather than this, the students should add necessary coordinating conjunctions to separate them. Commas are never fit for linking two sentences together as this is not their job. 

Use of Extra Passive Voice!

Passive voices do occur, no matter how much you try to avoid them. This is due to the object present within the statement or a noun that accepts the action. Passive voice occurs in the assignment when this noun is placed at the starting of the statement. Rather than this, the object should be placed at the end. The excessive use of passive voice depicts that the scholar has weak and undetermined writing. 

While writing an assignment, a student needs to work passionately and effectively. In addition, there are several grammatical errors that you must take care of. This write-up covers all such flaws that should be avoided and helps frame a flawless assignment.

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