8 best resources to stay at top of computer vision!


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To stay at the top of the latest technological trends, you need to be fast and stay updated with all the happening in the industry. The thing with technology is that it changes fast and round the clock, and it changes even faster for the computer vision technology. With millions of videos/visuals, images, memes, and gifs being shared on online platforms 24/7, it’s no shocking that computer vision takes the lead as one of the fastest-growing AI fields.

Let’s understand this with these statistics, each day, 100 million user-generated images and videos are being uploaded on Instagram. Going by stats, this is over 69,000 million posts each minute. Just imagine the workload of algorithms that have to process this massive volume of data for interpretation and understanding.

To say the least, computer vision technology is rapidly progressing and to stay on top of the advancement; you need to stay updated with the latest trends. Below we have come up with some of the best computer vision resources that can help you keep up with the technological breakthroughs in the computer vision field.

  1. PyImageSearch

PyImageSearch project is the brainchild of Adrian Rosebrock, a PhD and researcher in the field of computer vision / deep learning. Adrian started the project as his way to contribute back to society and help students and developers understand the core concepts and applicability of computer vision.

The website includes interactive learning material that assists researchers and students to master the application of computer vision in a practical way without complicating the process with theoretical stuff.

  1. Reddit r/computervision

Reddit is the old workhorse that never disappoints. This particular thread is an amazing collaboration of students, researchers, and industry professionals related to image processing, signal processing, computer vision, machine learning and associated fields. The thread is highly responsive, with helpful members ready to answer any queries or share relevant information. You can simply use filters to search out the topic of interest and get started.

  1. Google Research blog

Honestly, Google needs little introduction when it comes to the use of AI and other disruptive technologies. The tech giant not only pioneers the development of futuristic technologies but also openly shares them with interested people who want to learn and excel in these fields. So, if you are interested in learning more about AI, computer vision, machine learning or some other futuristic tech, Google Research Blog is a great platform to get started. It has all the latest informative posts and guides shared by researchers at Google, which will definitely help you stay at the top of the technological trends.

So, whether you are just a tech hobbyist, looking for some particular information or just fascinated to know what’s happening at Google, this is a great free platform to stay updated.

  1. Facebook Research blog

Just like Google, Facebook is at the helm of digital technological advancement, especially related to AI. As the largest social media platform, Facebook has invested considerable resources in its R&D department to innovate and keep delivering seamless services to its users.

Well, apart from innovating and implementing technologies, Facebook also shares the latest research and happenings with interested people through Facebook Research Blogs. The platform includes hundreds of thousands of latest news, updates, publications, and videos about computer vision, machine learning, and other disruptive technologies.

The best part about the platform is that you can even reach out and connect with leading researchers or developers. You can also sign up for the upcoming tech events around the world and, heck, even find yourself a job.

  1. Computer Vision blog by Tomasz Malisiewicz

If you are interested in getting started with deep learning and computer vision algorithms, you will just love Tombone’s computer vision blog. This platform has just about everything you need to know about computer vision algorithms that are transforming AI technology.

The author himself is a Senior Research Scientist at Amazon Robotics AI and loves to share his knowledge with other interested people through his platform.

  1. Zbigatron by Zbigniew Zdziarski

If you are fascinated by the potential of computer vision and how it’s changing the world around us, you will just love this platform. Zbigniew Zdziarski is a PhD in Computer Vision and a double Masters in Philosophy, and Theology, which means you can expect some pretty exciting stuff in his blogs.

The blogs are written interactively for easy understanding of the readers and cover all the latest happenings from the world of computer vision and its cross-industry application.

  1. Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is another excellent platform where you will find all the informative and relevant information on computer vision and machine learning. The platform also has various well-researched blogs and articles on computer vision topics, which can significantly add to your skills.

  1. Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science is a highly interactive and responsive community of thousands of members that frequently interact, assist and share ideas to improve understanding of data science.

Just like many other fields of data science, Towards Data Science has a dedicated category for computer vision technology, where interested members from around the world collaborate and share their knowledge in the form of well-researched articles and guides. With a global community, you can expect all the latest happenings in the field of computer vision to be updated every day on the platform.


Well, there you have it! Some of the most exciting and informative online computer vision resources that will help you keep up with the technological advances from around the world. Honestly, there are hundreds of other great online platforms from where you can learn everything about computer vision and associated technologies. However, we recommend you get started with these and slowly make your way to the top as a computer vision researcher or developer.


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