8 Effective Tips to get the most Glowing Skin in Winter Season


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The Winter season has its own beauty. Who doesn’t love that cozy feeling with a hot cup of coffee? The weather is pleasant but you can’t deny the disaster it brings for the skin. The chilling air swindles the natural moisture from the skin and makes it dry and itchy. Other associated problems are dry skin, eczema, and many others. This is the reason our body requires special care and attention. 

Here you will get to know about the tips and tricks that you need to follow to make your skin look happy and healthy in the winter season. 

The chilling cold will tempt you to go for hot showers to get that warm feel. But remember hot showers are not good for your skin. If you want to protect your skin, try to avoid hot water on the naked body. Instead of hot, you can use lukewarm water for showers as well as the face.

The disadvantage of a hot shower is that it makes the skin dry and in case the immediate moisturization gets skipped, the skin starts developing cracks and winter issues. Applying hemp therapy body cream or moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid after having a lukewarm shower will keep the skin nourished and stop dryness. 

  • Keep your body hydrated 

Whether you are inside or outside, winter air is always dry. This results in the evaporation of water from the body. This happens quite often and to prevent this, you have to keep your skin hydrated. Also, you can install a humidifier so that the moisture level in the skin gets managed easily. Your skin will be healthier!

  • Picking up the skin products 

The skin products vary for every season, the one you have used in summers will not work in winters. When a season changes, it is time to change the products as well. How one will get healthy and glowing skin in winter is by going with clear therapy body cream.

Next is picking up the cleaners that contain moisturizers to avoid the plundering of skin from its natural moisture barricade. If you have acne-prone skin or are exposed to breakout, the recommended products will be ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and hydrating serums. All these will help in reconditioning the moisture barrier of the skin. 

Don’t use masks, peels, constrictive lotions or any product that contains alcohol otherwise              you will get dry skin in the end. 

  1. Skin protection 

Though the season will push you to stay indoors in a warm environment, you need to be extra protective if there is a need of stepping outdoors. Skin protection from the cold wind, snow, or rain is essentially required, prefer wearing gloves, caps, and sunscreen lotion in your every visit. You would definitely enjoy the warm sun rays in winter, but similar to summers, the harmful UV rays can cause damage to the skin. Go with a sunscreen that has zinc oxide in it to keep your skin protected. 

  • Don’t exfoliate much 

As it is advised to exfoliate the skin for removing the dead cells. But this should be done carefully in winters as the skin barrier already make an agreement due to dry weather conditions. Specifically, in winters, you should go with one exfoliation in a week to raise the regeneration process of the skin. Due to this, the skin will be able to absorb the product more easily. The process should be done according to the skin texture and it varies for different skin types.

  • Take special care of hand and feet

Winter means dry hands and feet. Also, the hand skin has fewer oil glands, unlike other body parts. This is the reason responsible for the hand moisture flee away easily and this will make your hand cracky and itchiness. Keep your hand moisturized. In a similar way, your feet also require special care and attention. Use some glycerin-based creams or moisture therapy body cream to give moisture to your feet. The feet skin also needs regular exfoliation for the easy absorption of moisturizer. 

  • Following a daily skincare routine 

Who doesn’t know the need for a daily skincare routine? It is important to follow! If you want healthy and glowing skin in the winter season, start following a basic and simple skincare routine. What it includes is cleansing the skin two times a day, in the morning and evening. Always apply moisturizer as soon as you wash your face to lock it in the skin. During the night, use a plant therapy body cream for better results. Apply the moisture on wet skin for better absorption.

  • Don’t apply anything that causes irritation 

In case a person has some specific skin problems, avoid any products that can cause some irritation. Winter skin is highly breakable, any subjection to elements can make the condition worse. 

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