8 Extraordinary Health Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil 


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People are getting so conscious when it comes to their health. They always want to eat healthy to live a better life. If you are the one who lookout for the best oil that you can easily use without getting worried about calories, then you must read this blog to learn the ultimate benefits of palm kernel oil. Here you will learn about palm kernel oil, which is the best source of providing numerous health benefits.

Palm kernel oil is dragged out from palm fruit. When you see palm kernel, you find that it has a unique smell and taste. The use of palm kernels is quite common in the southern and eastern parts of Nigeria. It has incredible healing properties and numerous health benefits to lead a healthful life. It is a matter of fact, the medical health concerns suggest people who are suffering from high cholesterol and heart problem need to use palm kernel oil because it has zero calories.

The palm kernel shell buyers tell this dark black oil is composed of fatty triglycerides, which means it has 20 percent of unsaturated fats and 80 percent saturated fats. You need to know that palm kernel oil is one of the excellent solutions to treat a disease like epilepsy.

The Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil 

Let’s deep dive into this blog to attain inclusive knowledge related to palm kernel oil and how it offers numerous health benefits. Roll down your screens!

  • Enrich With Antioxidants 

In palm kernel oil, there is a sufficient amount of Vitamin E that is rarely found in tocotrienols. It has anti-oxidant properties. If you use palm kernel oil, it helps to prevent the sign of aging and wrinkles on your skin. The best thing about palm kernel oil is that it protects against harmful UV rays and different toxins that harm your skin. Therefore, once you add palm oil to your diet, it helps to keep your skin youthful and healthy. The palm kernel oil also prevents the formation of fines and delay the sagging skin. 

  • No Cholesterol 

The most important health benefit of palm kernel oil is; it has zero cholesterol. Those who are heart patients must use palm kernel oil to cook their food. Several studies show that it helps to control the free flow of blood from the heart to different body organs. It even helps to maintain your blood pressure and prevent the risk of hypertension.

  • Contain Vitamin K 

Many of us do not that vitamin K is the most important and essential fat-soluble vitamin that our body requires. When you add vitamin K to your diet, it improves your bone health, and it also works as a blood coagulant. However, palm kernel oil also removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body. It also plays a pivotal role in purifying every cell of our body.

  • Have Multiple Nutrients

Palm kernel oil is an incredible source of fat-soluble vitamins and has high nutritional value. When you add palm kernel oil to your daily routine, it helps to maintain your good health and provides sufficient nutrients to the body. The existence of palmitic acid means it has 16-carbon saturated fatty acid that makes it more beneficial than other cooking oils.

  • Enhance Hair Growth 

The use of palm kernel oil is not only limited to cooking and other health concerns. It is one of the best sources that enhance your hair growth and prevents hair fall. In addition, palm kernel oil help to nourish your hair and make it thinker and strong. You can use palm kernel oil as a hot oil treatment that provides a soothing effect to your hair and make it soft and silky.

  • Make Skin Soft And Glowing 

Palm kernel oil also offers numerous benefits related to the skin. The use of palm kernel oil on your skin makes your skin glossy and naturally soft. Therefore, it also helps to cure the itchy skin and also gives relief to ragged cuticles. Many cosmetic companies use palm kernel oil for the production of soap and various creams to make your skin revitalizing and attractive. The best thing about palm kernel is when you apply it on your skin, it does not give a greasy appearance, but it helps to moisturize your skin to remove dullness and dryness.

  • Extended Shelf Life 

Palm kernel oil is also used by the food industry due to its extensive health benefits. This oil does not oxidize, and you can store it for a greater period of time. It is a better choice when compared to vegetable oil, you can even use palm kernel oil for commercial cooking purposes such as to make potato chips and French fries.

  • Improves Brain health & heart health 

Improves Brain health & heart health As you read above, palm kernel oil has vitamin E, which helps to enhance your brain health. In several studies, it is conquered in palm kernel oil there is vitamin E associated with tocotrienols that protect your brain tissues from free radicals. Therefore, palm kernel oil also reduces the halt progression of heart and brain disease.