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It’s rarely a secret that WordPress is the most popular website publishing platform in the world. So, there are many reasons you should consider using it when developing a websitefor your business.

Fuelling approximately 34% of the world’s websites, the dominance of WordPress’ is a result of its adaptability. Also, it can serve as the backend for standard blogs, ecommerce websites, and even static web pages, making it more convenient.

If you still need reasons why you should WordPress for your website design, let’s take you through eight of them. 

  • WordPress is made for SEO

The platform is already compatible with search engine optimisation (SEO). However, using plugins can enhance your site’s chances of search engine. A popular choice is Yoast, which can assess a new post’s SEO and help you improve the possibility of better results from Google and other search engines. Yoast even comes with a detailed guide on its website, guiding you through the process of improving your entire WordPress site’s SEO.

There are also many other plugins you can use besides Yoast to up your SEO game. Google XML Sitemaps, for example, creates a sitemap in the XML markup language to make your site more readable by Google.

  • Offers customisable themes

A new WordPress installation will start with a bare site design. It comes with a simple site title, a sample blog post, a comments section, a post archive section, and a few other features. Safe to say, very fewpeople leave their WordPress site as it is because it’s too generic.

That’s when themes are used. Themes are one-click solutions that entirely transforms the look of your site. Furthermore, these themes can be customised, meaning you can personalise your selected theme to separate it from the hordes of other users who liked the same design.

There are multiple free themes available, and a fresh WordPress install presents a few basic choices. 

  • WordPress enables you to scale your website

One of the most daunting aspects of running a website is to scaleit. The more content you put up and the more traffic you get, the higher the strain becomes on your CMS.

Selecting an efficient web host is essential for scaling your website and ensuring it always runs fast, opine assignment help experts from academic services. However, the CMS you use also plays a vital role. In this case, WordPress powers some of the most popular sites on the web, so you know that scaling won’t be an issue.

However, you must remember— if you want to keep your website lightning fast, you’ll require more than the right web host and CMS. You’ll also need to carry out maintenance work, but the outcomes are well worth the effort.

  • WordPress takes security seriously

No CMS platform or website is 100% secure. New security threats are always cropping up, so it’s vital to use a platform that looks for online safety seriously.If you wish to run your business smoothly, the single best thing you can do is ensure WordPress is always up to date. That involves the CMS itself and also any additional elements you use (like themes and plugins).

WordPress frequently churns out new updates and security patches, so by updating your version, you’ll stay ahead of everyone else. If you wish to secure your site further, you can use a web host that takes security seriously.

  • The platform is widely supported

If you’re having issues with WordPress, chances are someone else has dealt with the same issue as well. You can turn to many places for support when you require help. This includes both the official forum and WordPress help site, which is plenty of information. There are also various insightful blogs, YouTube videos, and essay typer businesses offering customer support to assist you on your WordPress journey.

Many web hosts also come with useful WordPress support pages, which involvespecific tips about dealing with the areas of WordPress that interact with the web host’s infrastructure.

  • WordPress websites are convenient to maintain

You probably know that setting up a website requires a bit of maintenance work. With WordPress in particular, you have to take care of the following aspects:

  • Upgrading your plugins and themes whenever you have the option to
  • Updating the CMS as new versions are available
  • Managing your website’s comments (if you plan to enable them)
  • Ensuring that your website is optimised and secure
  • Keeping a backup of your site often

In practice, none of those tasks takes up too much of your time individually. However, if you wish to save time, you can always choose a managed hosting service. In the case ofmanaged hosting plans, your provider will take care of many maintenance tasks for you.

  • Thoroughly optimised for speed

Slow websites don’t generate traffic. This is why WordPress has particular features and elements that you can take advantage of that will speed up your website.For example, you can install a lightweight theme that won’t weigh down your code. In addition, you could incorporate a plugin to minimise the size of your image files.

There are tools you can use to decrease your website page loading speed drastically. This will ultimately reduce your bounce rates, enhance the user experience, and maximise conversions on your WordPress site.

  • Learning how to use WordPress is simple

WordPress is quite easy to learn, even if you’ve never dealt with a CMS or developed websites before. Beginners are always welcome. To get acquainted, all you need to do is pick a theme, maybe install a plugin or two, and then jump right into creating pages and other content.

However, the excellent thing about WordPress is that there are always more ways to personalise the platform. Once you get used to it, you can start integrating more advanced functionality to gain complete control over how your website looks.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re developing your first website or if you’re a veteran developer—you should be utilising WordPress for your essay help website. WordPress is always a good choice. 

Author bio: Kate Whitmore is a web developer for a distinguished firm in Australia. Whitmore has earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer science from Curtin University. She loves reading and travelling in her free time. She’s also an academic advisor for MyAssignmenthelp.com and offers thesis help to students. 


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