A Buying Guide to Invest in Bongs Online


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Bongs are stoners’ favourite for smoking cannabis. You can invest in different types of bongs to smoke weed. However, every bong has its pros and cons. Yet glass bongs are the most popular among weed smokers. You will find ceramic, acrylic/plastic, silicone, wooden/ bamboo bongs alongside glass bongs. Thus, buying bongs online becomes a challenging task for smokers without knowing how to deploy them for smoking successfully. Glass bongs are a popular choice among stoners because it offers many advantages. Yet, there is a threat of dropping and breaking such bongs. Let us discuss different types of bongs in detail to help you make your decision to buy bongs conveniently:

  • Big or Small Bongs? Big bongs are difficult to handle for smokers, yet they are the right choice to smoke weed with your friends. Moreover, taking care of bigger bongs is also difficult, in contrast to smaller bongs. Additionally, you should choose a small bong if you want to use the bong yourself for smoking. Investing in technical percolator bongs is a good deal for you if you want to smoke a bong yourself. However, technical percolators bongs are not cheap and will cost you extra money. 
  • Glass Bongs: Glass bongs break easily which puts these bongs at a disadvantage. Nonetheless, you can find bongs of thick and durable glass, too, that is, borosilicate glass bongs. There are various advantages of glass bongs, and bongs users invest in them for those reasons. Firstly, these bongs help you know what is happening inside your bong. Consequently, you have control over hits you take with glass bongs provided that you know the mechanism. Other than that, taking care of glass bongs is easy as you can eradicate the residue conveniently from these bongs. If you plan to invest in borosilicate glass bongs, you may consider Cheech and Chong bongs.
  • Ceramic Bongs: Ceramic bongs don’t surpass glass bongs to offer smokers a relishing cannabis smoking experience. Still, ceramic bongs can offer you pure hits with cannabis smoking. You will find ceramic bongs in a range of colors online. The main advantage of buying ceramic bongs online is that you can utilize them as display pieces. They are more durable and usually less expensive than their glass counterparts. However, you cannot know what’s happening with the water inside ceramic bongs. 
  • Plastic Bongs: Plastic bongs are translucent, in most cases. However, these bongs don’t have percolators or filtration chambers like glass bongs. These bongs can help you save money and are good for road trips or camping. Furthermore, you can count on plastic bongs if you think that your friends will likely break an expensive glass bong.
  • Wooden Bongs/ Bamboo Bongs: Bamboo is one of the oldest bong materials, and bamboo bongs are not much heavier than plastic. Additionally, you can expect your bamboo bongs to last for longer than plastic. You may utilize bamboo bongs with a metal/glass bowl and down-stem. Additionally, they are ornamental in designs. Hence, you can utilize these bongs as display pieces, too.

These are typical bong varieties you have to invest in online. You can purchase the right bongs as long as you know your budget and preferences for smoking marijuana. Make sure you realize whether you will use a bong alone or with friends while making a purchase decision.


Bongs aren’t stoners’ favourite for cannabis smoking. Nonetheless, you have various choices to buy bongs online. You may invest in bigger bongs if you want to smoke marijuana with friends and vice versa. Here are the choices you have for smoking cannabis via a bong:

  1. Buy glass bongs if you want to relish smoking cannabis with the best flavour.
  2. Ceramic bongs are the second-best option for you after glass bongs.
  3. You may invest in plastic/acrylic bongs if you don’t have the budget to afford expensive bongs.
  4. Smokers may invest in wooden/bamboo bongs as an alternative to plastic bongs or to deploy them for decoration.

You will find numerous online headshops to buy bongs for cannabis smoking. Make sure you buy bongs from a reputable smoke shop, having bong varieties. Finally, knowing the pros and cons of different bongs will help you make the right decisions to purchase bongs.

Shop Rite (https://www.shopritesmokeshop.ca/) is a smoking shop in Canada where you can buy smoking instruments, such as hookahs, bongs, pipes, Cheech & Chong glass, and more at affordable rates.


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