A Complete Guide: Dispoway and 3-way Stopcock


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Syringes and needles are used in hospitals or clinics, but many people use them to consume medications or proteins. Insulin is one of the common medications that is injected into the human body using a large syringe. Thus, an insulin syringe is used several times at once, and protecting it is important. People use the Luer locks to ensure that the medications do not leak. Over the years, the locks used for blocking the mouth of the syringe have evolved, and how people use dispoway or 3-way Stopcock. 

Most people do not know about the stopcocks as it is not commonly used. It is used more often in medicinal places such as hospitals and clinics. But you can use them in your place as well with all the precautions. Before everything, you need to know about them in detail. Here we have lined a complete guide for dispoway and a 3-way stopcock. Keep reading for more information!

What is a 3 Way Stopcock and Why to Use It?

A stopcock is specifically known to be a ball valve that is used for controlling the liquid or gas flow. It is coarse, and it is used for confined to on-off applications. There are many major types of Stopcock. Some of these stopcocks are needle valve, burette stopcocks, vacuum stopcocks, 1, 2 and 3 way stopcocks. Their specification type does not end here, but there are many other types.

Well, I was specifically talking about a 3 way to stopcocks consisting of the intravenous sets and many other related factors. The cock is usually sterile in nature, and it works well when used a single time only. Apart from this, it consists of 2 female Luer ports and a male Luer Lock. All three ports of the 3 way Stopcock are capped. 

On the contrary, the colored studs in the stopcocks are provided, and they can be attached for color-coding purposes only. Generally, the taps are red or blue, and they indicate venous or arterial uses. 

Furthermore, some stopcocks come with a nicely connected extended tube. Hence, the 3 way stopcock is used mostly in places such as theaters, ITU, high dependency units, and all the ward regions. Over everything, it can be used with arterial, intra, and intravenous systems. 


The modern dispoway and 3 way Stopcock is usually equipped with female ports (2) and male Luer lock (1) to provide a secure and smooth fit and closure. This closure helps to block the flow of liquid with minimum dead space.

The minimum dead space in the link ensures no need to worry about leakage. The volatile solutions such as lipids can go or leak through the micro-cracks in the stopcock material. It will eventually jeopardize medical integrity. Fortunately, there are multiple manufacturers of 3-way stop socks that use lipid-resistant materials. 

How Can 3 Ways Stopcock Offer Great Patient Safety?

The infection from the intravenous infusion of syringes and needles is a growing problem, especially for the hospitals. Hence, to ensure the safety of the patients and other measures for the supply of the fluids, the medical equipment, such as 3 way Stopcock, works perfectly. 

The modern Stopcock comes with the Luer-activated valve that generally acts as the barrier against the bacteria and a novel inner channel that provides the assurance of minimized residual volume and self-flushing. 

The innovative three-way stopcock is a plastic material, and it is highly transparent and comes with good chemical resistance that can be molded easily. Thanks to the documented biocompatibility, it can be well-suited for modern medical technology applications with body fluids. The material of the cockstops can be sterilized using a radiation method, and it contributes to ensuring the safety of the patients. 

New Safety Concept

The special self-sealing valve of the cockstop helps prevent the backflow of solution from the large syringe and needle. Also, it helps in avoiding the risk of infection by flushing and cleaning infusion ports to open and hard ports. 

The Stopcock’s interior volume is continuously flushed through an internal circumferential channel, forcing the flow to flush the self-sealing mechanism and avoiding bacterial colonization.

The full removal of the medication and air from the system improves patient safety by lowering the possibility of prescription medications, accidental delivery of leftover medicines, and air thromboembolism.

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As of now, it has been clear to understand that having cockstops for your needles and syringes is important. Thus, not every syringe is familiar or compatible with every type of lock that can be used for sealing the leakage of the liquids. Thus, you can get the best large syringe three-way or dispoway stopcocks online from reliable stores such as Cheappinz. 

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