A Rundown on 18-Wheeler Trucks


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Do you need a truck that can handle heavy loads? What about large amounts of cargo? An 18-wheeler truck may be just the thing you need. But how do you go about buying one? What do you need to look out for? There are a few different options for you depending on your experience and financial situation. These machines provide a huge array of services that, in the long run, can increase your financial revenue. But they are expensive, and the best way to keep them going is through constant upkeep. 

Functions of 18-Wheelers

Eighteen-wheelers are primarily used to transport heavy loads. These big rigs can haul from 40,000 to 80,000 pounds of whatever you need. The multiple wheels that give these trucks their name are used to evenly distribute the weight so they last a long while. Depending on the trailer attached, they can carry rocks, merchandise, liquid, or even construction machines. Their versatility is extremely useful. 

A downside is definitely the amount of gas these powerful vehicles go through. The gas usage does depend on the terrain. If there are more hills, then the semis are using more gas to get up those inclines. Distance is also a contributing factor to how much you pay for gas every year. However, with the ability to move more products and take on additional shipping routes, your business’s reach is even farther. You’ll be able to earn more money in exchange for your new expenses.

Purchasing Options

Now that you’re sure what you need and are ready for the purchase, you need to find a place to buy your 18-wheeler. There are two2 major options to consider: buying from a manufacturer or dealership.

A manufacturer essentially means buying new. This option does guarantee the condition of the vehicle. As it hasn’t been used at all, it will be in top shape and will likely last a while before repairs are needed. However, this is a much more expensive route. 

A dealership offers used vehicles, so there may be some more frequent repairs on your end. However, if you know how to take care of the truck, it is the cheaper option. If you work through a reputable dealer, you can find some pretty high-quality trucks that have only been lightly used and will still offer what you need, so don’t assume that a used truck won’t be able to serve your purposes.


Dealerships are located everywhere. It’s as simple as searching “18-wheeler truck dealerships near me,” and you’ll find all sorts of options. Explore what suits your price range and needs the best, then get your business expanding!