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 Learning a language is a lifelong process which requires a little improvement regularly, but it is rather a lavish activity to continue your learning with effective grammar lessons. People might ponder how to learn english quickly at home here is the one and only solution for you to learn English at your own comfort with any time accessible English lessons. Here are a few Basic English grammar concepts explained with extensive examples to make it more understandable for everybody.

  • Articles 

Articles are one of the 8 parts of speech in English. There are three members in the article family a, an and the. Here are some unusual concepts of articles which clearly explained with competitive exam questions based examples and a rule that truly supports the answer.

Articles are used for the noun in a sentence. A and An are always used for singular countable nouns and the is used for both countable and uncountable nouns. In case you don’t know nouns please click here ( to learn noun concepts thoroughly. 

(The use of article A)

Article A is used for a singular countable noun that sounds of a consonant.


  1. Ram my childhood friend who presently lives Canada is a doctor.
  2. He gifted me with a new generation laptop on my birthday.
  3. Kundan requested his teacher to give him a chance to prove himself.

In the above two sentences article A is used in relation with the noun underlined in the sentences.

(The use of article An)

An is used for a singular countable noun that sounds of a vowel letter (a, e, i, o, and u).


  1. He eats an apple every day to keep the doctor away.
  2. My friends eat an egg on their breakfast at morning.
  3. I have salad of an onion every evening with my dinner.

Why is an not used with university?

As mentioned that an article is used for a singular countable noun that sound of a vowel letter, but University sounds of a consonant hence a is used with it not an.

  • Articles come before an adjective if it comes before a noun.

We use the articles for nouns but as we know to make the sentences better, we take help of adjectives if these come before a noun in a sentence, we use the article according to the adjective sound not the noun sound let’s understand it with the help of an example.

  1. He is a boy. (Simple sentence)
  2. He is an intelligent boy. (with adjective)
  3. She is a lady. (simple sentence)
  4. She is an old lady. (with adjective)

In the above sentences the first sentences show the 1 & 3 examples of simple sentences where the article clearly tells the direct relation with a noun but in the 2 & 4 sentences adjectives come between article and noun then the article is used according to the sound of adjectives.

  • The + Superlative degree of adjectives + of all  (the most important, the fastest, the latest) 
  1. Kartik is the tallest of all the students in his class who can change the bulb with his gigantic hand without any stair easily.
  2. Hussain Bolt is the fastest sprinter who broke his own records.

When we compare one thing with two another and show the first one better so we use this rule.

  • The + Comparative degree + of the two (more beautiful, easier, faster, more popular)
  1. She is the more beautiful of two sisters in her family.
  2. Mumbai is the more popular of Delhi and Kolkata cities in India.
  3. This mathematics question is the tougher of the two optional questions given in the final exam.
  • On the Television (correct or incorrect)?

We normally use listening to the radio or on the radio, but saying on the television or on the T.V. is incorrect according to the English grammar hence always use on television or on T.V.

  • To equalize the sentence in the comparison we use this rule to sound more imperative in English which adds uniqueness to your language efficiency and makes it impressive.

The + Comparative Degree                     =                         The + Comparative Degree

       (first sentence) (second sentence)


  1. The higher we go, the cooler it is.
  2. The sooner we finish this work, the earliest we can go to sleep.
  3. He believes the more a man gets, the more dissatisfied he seems.
  • No need of articles

 In the possessive adjective case, there is no need to use the articles. If you still use, it is grammatically incorrect and can lose your impression. Please go through the below list to have exact words of possessive adjective with which no article is used.

My the best friend (incorrect)

My best friend (correct)

Subjective Case Objective Case

Possessive Adjective

I Me My
We Us Our
You You Your
He Him His
She Her Her
They Them Their
It It Its


  1. My best friend occasionally meets me.
  2. She showed me her laptop that she bought a few days ago.
  3. Rakesh always keeps his book nearby him so that he can read it whenever he gets time.

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