AdvancedMD EHR-Introduction, Features, and Reviews


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With the rise in demand for EHR services, more and more vendors are coming forward. Undoubtedly, EHR software makes professional life easier and manageable for you by enabling you to deliver improved care delivery. But a wrong choice can destroy your clinical reputation as by selecting the software; you are putting patient confidentiality at risk.

Going for the wrong vendor can prove disastrous, so you need to make a sound decision after looking into all the facts and figures of your selected EHR software. It is essential to choose the one that works in sync with your clinical goals to streamline your operations. However, the selection process is not a piece of cake; it’s pretty time-taking and problematic for physicians.

But don’t worry; we have done all the troublesome work on your behalf by thoroughly researching top EHR vendors in the industry. One name stands out as a well-suited option for all practices regardless of their specialty, and that is AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is a renowned name in the medical field scoring grounds by offering simplified tools to make physicians’ work-life smooth and easy. If you are interested in its deep insights, you are in luck. This article will touch all aspects of this top-rated EHR, from its basic details to its outstanding features, benefits, and customer reviews. So let’s get to it without further ado. 

About AdvancedMD:

Designed for small to large-scale practices, AdvancedMD is an all-inclusive platform providing healthcare facilities and medical billing services for ambulatory practices. No matter what’s your niche is, this vendor features remarkable solutions for an array of specialties such as neurology, pediatrics, cardiology, and many more.

Founded in 1999, this engaging cloud-based software serves over 13000 medical services and around 37000 practitioners nationwide. This platform also extends its services to 700 medical billing companies, and it helps clients in processing 6.5 million insurance claims every month which is a big win. 

This unified platform brings all components together that a physician may need to deliver first-hand care to engage their patients. Its well-regarded functionalities focus mainly on simplifying day-to-day operations to optimize and improve patient healthcare service nationwide. In addition, it prides itself by offering an excellent billing system that is well-suited for practices of all sizes. 

Managing patient-related tasks at home is no big deal for AdvancedMD, for it provides full support and services accompanied with its EHR house tools. Whether it’s documentation management, billing service, or medication order, you want this platform offers a perfect solution for all. 

AdvancedMD Features:

Efficiency, affectivity, productivity, and simplicity define AdvancedMD and all this is incorporated in its practice management and billing modules. Following are the salient features of this one-and-only EHR service provider that enjoys an off-the-record reputation. 

Intuitive dashboard:

You can effortlessly prioritize your tasks to manage them properly. Its dashboard features numerous functionalities, including role-based access, actionable lists, notifications, alerts, and reporting analytics. With all this on one platform, you can carry out day-to-day tasks with perfection.


It comes with built-in Impressive patient charts, and in both horizontal and vertical layouts, you can pick the one you like. During patient, visits edit patient charts flawlessly by adding or removing existing notes. These charts come with auto-update functionality, but you can also go for a more personalized experience. 

Well-organized documentation:

This software automatically updates patient records according to newer lab results and medication dosage. So, you won’t have to worry about mixing up or losing important patient progress notes, etc. It also records and documents scanned images and organizes them afterward.  

Data analytics:

Its exceptional data analytics tools bring out the best of clinical practices by analyzing their financial performance to highlight any loops. In this way, its financial analytics functionality will guide you to make a better business strategy by looking into your receivable accounts and clinical productivity. 


This feature is explicitly associated with AdvancedMD EHR. Benchmarking tool of this software looks into your practice to let you know where you stand based on your size, region, and specialty. You will get a clear insight about areas where you lack to help you strengthen your practice performance. 

Benefits of using AdvancedMD:

There are many ways you can benefit from the exceptional services of AdvancedMD. Some of these are:

Data accessibility: Seamlessly monitor your patient’s vital progress reports using this cloud-based software at your convenience.

Compatibility: This vendor is compatible with all operating systems, Android, and Mac devices. 

Messaging: Text or email your patients by using its effective and mobile-friendly messaging module 

Patient Confidentiality: This secure system makes no compromise in data confidentiality and ensures safe data transfer. 

AdvancedMD Pricing:

AdvancedMD EHR offers two ways to pay for its tools and services. First, it provides a range of pre-configured packages at a fixed price. You can select the one that comes in your budget range and aligns with company goals. 

But small practices can avail its encounter-based pricing model rather than per provider model. 

  • Its practice management service costs $429 per month, and it charges$1.42 per encounter. 
  • Its full-fledged EHR system costs $729 per month, and it charges $2.18 per encounter. 
  • Lastly, its revenue management services 4-8% of practice collections with no hidden costs. 

Apart from pre-configured bundles, it offers an opportunity to physicians to build custom models. It is beneficial for specialties to tailor the bundle according to their needs. For this, you have to contact the company’s team to get a custom offer. 

AdvancedMD Reviews:

We looked into customer reviews of AdvancedMD at their official site and outside the site. The customer’s experience with this medical billing and EHR system is phenomenal. It enjoys 5-star reviews and a long-standing reputation.

From its document processing to claims scrubbing, everything is outstanding and to the point. It helps users manage insurance claims and review changes in a breeze with its automated suggestion. 

Providers say that its training services need some improvement and they should introduce automated write-offs too in the features. But its favorable reviews outstand the unfavorable ones.

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