All you need to know about Integration in Math


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Math itself is a trouble to certain students as its concepts are vast and not that easily understood by students. While some are easily able to solve the concepts, others face trouble in even doing the basics. The task that Math takes at hand is to test the intellect and analytical abilities of a student as well as to find out how well he or she is able to retain the concepts.

Math problems are just not a matter of books but also find their applications in the real world . It is not just about memorizing the formulae and using these formulae to solve direct questions in your paper. Rather it is much more than that. These formulae and the related concepts that we learn have various practical applications as well. Study help me is one place where one can easily get all academics help in a few steps.

For example: data and charts can be used to solve different problems easily, statistics majorly help seeing the varying trends over time, as well as evaluating on certain other variables, trigonometry has a wide application in the construction sector and so does area and perimeter and other concepts of mensuration.

Therefore all these concepts of Math have a wide variety of applications. Students have to do a lot in this case and need math assignment help or math homework help if they are trying to work on their own.

Among all these concepts, integration is one of the most difficult and a vast concept. The details that have to be kept in mind are numerous and the concept requires immense practice with all due diligence. Thus this makes students turn towards math assignment help. 

There are two broad types of integrals:

  • Definite Integrals: Definite integrals use limits between them, that is, they use exact values between them to calculate.
  • Indefinite Integrals: These integrals do not have any set value between them that could facilitate the calculation of the exact result. 

Let us start understanding the concepts of integration by first understanding its different methods so that the students can get math homework help while working on integration: 

  • Integration by Substitution: There are some functions that can be directly integrated with the help of standard integrals. Similarly, there are some functions that cannot be directly integrated using standard integrals but they can be reduced to standard integrals with the help of proper substitution, that is, by introducing a new variable. The method in which the integral is solved by its reduction to a set standard form, using substitution is called integration by substitution. Here the substitution does not refer to the literal meaning. It has a particular theorem: integration of f(x) dx is equal to F(x) + C, where C is a constant. 
  • Integration by partial fraction: A function which is in the form of f(x)/g(x), where f(x) and g(x) are two polynomials, are known as rational function. When the degree of the function f(x) is less than the degree of the function g(x), then the rational function is known a proper fraction, otherwise it is termed as improper fraction. When the integrand is in the form of rational function which does not have a simple form, we should write the integrand in the form of sum of simpler rational function through a method called decomposition into partial fraction and then we have to do the integration. 
  • Integration by parts: here the functions are divided into two and calculation is done using the formula: integral of the product of two functions is equal to the product of first function and the integral of the second function and its difference with the integral of (Derivative of first * integral of second). 

 These are the three basic methods of solving the problems of integration that can provide students math homework help while they are working on integration on their own. 

Integration is a complete reverse form of another concept of Math known as differentiation. Whereas differentiation goes on a method of reduction, integration adds up. 

The above methods that we have discussed, are broadly based on calculation using indefinite integrals but now we will discuss the fundamental theorems of integral calculus. Here, graphs or diagrams or such things are used to set up the limits in a particular area and then integration is done between these limits.

  • The first fundamental theorem of integral calculus states that if f is a continuous function of x for a<=x<=b and A (x) is equal to the integration of f(x) dx within the limits of x and a then A’ (x) is equal to f (x) for all x in [a, b] and A (a) is equal to 0.
  • The second fundamental theorem of integral function states that if f is a continuous function on the closed interval [a, b] and z be an anti-derivative of f, then integration of f (x) dx between the limits b and a is equal to z (b) – z (a), that is the difference of value of an anti-derivative at b (the upper limit) and the value of the same anti-derivative at a (the lower limit).

Similar to all other concepts of Math, integration too has practical applications:

  • It can be used to find out the area between the curves on a graph.
  • It can be used to evaluate distance, acceleration and velocity.
  • It can also be used to find out the volume of a figure or an object.
  • Integration can be used to calculate work done. 
  • It can be used to calculate the surface area of a shape.
  • It also finds its application in finding out probability.
  • In physics, it can be used to calculate kinetic energy of an object.

Thus there are other various applications of integration that make it an important concept to be understood. Nonetheless it is a very complex lesson and must be learnt with devotion of all heart and soul into it. If students do it this way, they will benefit from it and will get math assignment help. People also look for guest post service to enhance their visibility at search engines but this research also requires a basic understanding of guest post outreach.


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