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A few days ago I bought a nitroflare premium link generator and boy am I impressed. I purchased the original one for my brother and he loved it as you can see from the video. I have also used it a couple of times and I must say it’s pretty cool. I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t sure about the purchase myself. 


If you are going to spend a lot of money on anything, there is a good chance you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. But I did a lot of research on the internet and found quite a nice product.

After doing all this research I needed to make sure I was going to get a good product so I went ahead and ordered the nitroflare premium link generator 1GB. Within a couple of days, I received the system and I have to say it is so cool. The instructions were really clear and it went together very smoothly. The thing that surprised me the most was the monthly visits which are useless to me now.

The one surprise for me was that I would receive a monthly report back on how much traffic I was receiving and what my monthly sales were. The sales were nothing to write home about but it was still a very cool thing to have. The thing that bugged me the most though was that I would receive a “service status” link on the website rapidgator premium link generator that would only show up if I activated the service. No one else would ever know where I was. This is a big let-down and a massive oversight on the behalf of the company that makes the product.

Rapidgators premium link generator 1gb

I decided to test the service out first and write a review after a week or so. At the time I made a small mistake, which cost me a lot of time and money. I tested all three times with the same setup and had a great result each time. So I thought I would give the Nitroflare premium a try and write a full review after the testing. Here is what I found.

First impressions aren’t always the best, especially when you are buying something as expensive as a high-performance internet service. However, the way the website presented itself did leave me feeling a bit underwhelmed. My first experience with the website was it being offline. Well, that might have been a mistake as it came up as an error when trying to access the product in Chrome. It also presented itself as having a menu bar which made it very hard to navigate around.

Rapidgator generator

After some time using the site I got a good idea of how well it presented itself, but it took a bit longer to get into the right set of features. My biggest problem was finding the right amount of bandwidth for my needs. After looking at a few different offers on the website it suddenly dawned on me that this could be a problem, as it was giving me less than one bit a day. This was just under one-fifth of the amount I was being charged for my two gigabytes of unlimited UK broadband.

I then looked at the free options that would be more than enough for my needs. The one problem I had with these free trials was that it was only available for a week, during which time I would have to cancel if I didn’t like the service. Once I had used up my free trial, I started using the site, and soon found out that it was the perfect solution for my unlimited broadband needs. The site provides me with unlimited downloads of both my home network and my work network, at a very low cost.


AllDebrid JDownloader 2 is a great computer tool, which enables you to easily upload large files such as games and films directly to your computer, without having to use your PC for anything else. It’s a very useful feature, especially for those who use streaming media a lot because it means that they don’t need to slow down their PCs to upload a file. When I found out about AllDebrid Premium Link Generator I knew I had found a quality service that offers unlimited bandwidth. I now download everything directly to my laptop and never worry about using my PC for anything other than playing video games.