Amazing Things You Probably Don’t About The Asus RP-AC55 Extender 


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The Asus RP-AC55 is an 802.11ac dual-band wi-fi extender that works with any wifi router and boosts or enlarges the wi-fi network signal. It is a signal amplifier that expands the network coverage and eliminates the wi-fi dead zone. This extender/repeater is especially designed for eliminating or removing the wi-fi dead signal. The wireless network range of the Asus wifi range extender is double in comparison to the wi-fi router. This extender is the optimum networking device for long-lasting coverage. The Asus RP-AC55 extender delivers an ultra-fast wireless network throughout the home with an AC speed of up to 1200 Mbps. This speed is 3× faster as compared to the wifi router. That means you seamlessly enjoy more entertainment without any lag or interruption.

The Asus rp-ac55 wireless dual-band extender works virtually with any wi-fi networking device like cable modem, router, gateways, and more. The 802.11ac network absolutely extends the network coverage to every corner of your home for all the devices. On click setup of this repeater. You can use the wi-fi-protected setup(WPS) button and do the Asus rp-ac55 setup within a few minutes.

Some things about the Asus RP-AC55 extender

The Asus wireless dual-band repeater delivers wider network coverage with a steady network connection. It brings dual-band networking technology that smoothly widens the network coverage. But some things you know about the Asus wifi range extender. 

Great and Optimum wi-fi coverage for multi-devices

The Asus rp-ac55 wifi range extender delivers a high-speed wi-fi network with great network coverage for multi-device. It is compatible with all networking devices whether it is wired or wirelessly. This repeater works very well and quickly expands the wi-fi coverage. If you want to expand the network coverage then you can use th Asus RP-AC55 extender. Because it is a more reliable and powerful networking device that smoothly delivers network coverage. At a time, it handles multi networking devices and delivers unbelievable network coverage. Because inside the extender has a powerful dual-core processor that extends fast wi-fi from the existing router.

Quickly connect the extender to the router by pressing the WPS button

The wifi router is quickly connected to the extender. The Asus RP-AC55 extender has a LAN port on the right-side panel, with this port you can connect the router to the extender. But in this connection, you should require a cable. Many times the cable is not properly plugged into the LAN port, then the extender does not take the signal from the router. Then the simple solution is you can use the WPS button and connect the router to the extender. But if your router does not have a WPS button then the connection is not possible. Then you can use an Ethernet cable and make the connection. But the WPS button connection is simple and takes very little time. Just pressing this button on both the device and the connection is successful.

Two Omni-direction adjustable antennas 

The Asus RP-AC55 extender has built-in two adjustable Omni-directional antennas that are more helpful to improve the signals. This antenna delivers whole-home coverage with a reliable network connection. But for this, you can install this antenna in the proper manner. You can take the antennas in the provided packaging box and put them in the antennas. If you can’t install the omi-direction antennas then cannot get the wider network coverage with faster speed. To have a stable and faster wi-fi network you can install the two adjustable antennas.

Easy setup the Asus RP-AC55 extender with Asus extender app

You can easily and quickly operate the extender with the Asus app. But for this, you can install this app on your smart mobile phone. You can visit the apple app store on your iPhone or Google Play store on your android mobile phone. Then search the Asus app, afterward install this app. Now, you can log in or sign in to the account with default login details. Then, add the Asus extender with the Asus app. In the end, you can follow provided app instructions and do the setup. If you want to set up the extender with the web browser when you use and then quickly set up the extender.

3-in-1 modes for Asus dual-band repeater 

The Asus RP-AC55 extender has a three-in-one mode that you can quickly set any mode in your extender. The AP mode provides a wireless platform that widely uses wireless LAN connectivity. The Repeater mode absolutely extends the network coverage with the smooth network. The media-bridges mode allows connecting entertainment devices to the repeater like games consoles, smart TV, and more.