Amazing Ways to solve the Connection problem of WiFi TPlink Repeater


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The wifi TPlink repeater is based on the high technology of modern science. This device is connected with a wired or wireless connection. For the wired connection, we need an Ethernet cable to connect the repeater with the router. The transferring rate of the tp-link repeater is 300 Megabits per second and it supports the two frequencies as; 2.4GHz radio frequency and 5GHz radio-frequency. The operating system of the device is Linux, Windows 7, and Windows, etc. We can control that device through the TP-Link router app. The TP-Link app provides you with all the information and instructions regarding the device and we can change the password of the repeater with this app. This device extends the signals of the router to the whole corner of the home. They can use the internet and enjoy video streaming, gaming, etc to anywhere in the home.

If I realized any problem in the data transferring speed of the repeater. So, first, you tp link firmware upgrade from time to time for the better functioning of the repeater. The notification about the update of the device is given on the tp-link mobile app. Next, I will discuss the causes of wrong connections along with solutions in upcoming paragraphs.

Reason and troubleshooting steps to connect repeater correctly

Sometimes, when we login to the IP address of the device we change the setting of the device for the fattest performance. And the wrong connection is simply seen on every device. The main reason is 


There are many reasons for not working of wifi TPlink repeater

Incorrect setting 

At the time of setup, they did the setting of the device wrong without reading any instructions and information regarding the TP-Link repeater. 

Connection problem 

They connect the TP-Link repeater with the router correctly. They don’t attach the Ethernet cable with the router to a repeater in a proper manner.


You placed your repeater far away from the repeater to spread the network for long-range. And that device is mainly used in homes, small offices, etc. Another reason is you located your device very near or far away from the router.

Plugging problem 

Sometimes, you plugged the device is not the wrong switch, which already is not working and the complaint the seller about the product is not working properly.

Manny devices connected 

Sometimes, due to technical issues, the companies of the network reduce the frequencies of the network for a short period. And we connect many devices to the repeater out of the capability of the device that’s why it is not working.

Troubleshooting steps 

Correct setup

The correct setting is most important for the better functioning of the repeater. You should set up their device according to the instruction and information of the device which is given on the tp-link app. And you can log in to this for the setup and setting.

Place of device 

They should locate their device in the middle of their home to spread the internet network long-range. The better location of the repeater has mostly affected the performance of the network signal.

Check the hardware issue

For better connection, you should connect the wire from the router to the repeater correctly and connect the device to the repeater according to the capability of the device. And all the hardware methods to connect the device with the TP-Link wifi.

Reset the WiFi TPlink Repeater

Reset is the last option to functioning the device in a perfect manner. If your device is not working, check their device carefully and already correct the setup. After that, it does not work and the last option is to use the reset button. The reset button is given on the back of the device. To use this, we need a pin and that pin put into the hole of rest and held it for 2-3 seconds when all the lights were blinking in the process of reset. When all lights are stopped then your process is completed. To use this option, you can set its settings again.

Forget the network

Forget the network from your computer and connect it again, and then select the SSID of your device and enter the password, again. Then your device is connected to the repeater and spread range in a perfect manner. 


The wifi TPlink repeater is a nice device. This device is mostly used in homes to increase the capability of internet signals. My friend recently bought this product from Flipkart to spread the internet. He told me it’s a very nice device and its design and maintenance are very easy. It can plug in every switch.

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