Are You Dating a Married Man? A True People Search Has the Answer


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There are countless stories of people who met potential love interests either online or offline and discovered down the road that they are married. Needless to say, discovering that you took part in creating without being aware of it is unpleasant. Unfortunately, there are people that seek out affairs daily, and neglect to mention they are married. If you want to make sure that you do not get involved with a married man, a true people search will help you.

What you need to know about a true people search

You have likely heard of public records, and if not – it is time to introduce them to you; public records are records that contain pieces of information and files of people in the country. The list of public records includes birth records, criminal records, arrest records, court records, and for our topic – marriage and divorce records.

So, you can use this type of search to find out if someone that you met is married or not. It is a quick way to discover who is honest about his marital status, and who is lying to you.

How does the search work?

A true people search is a name-based service; this means that you need to know a person’s name to discover whether they are married. Once the directory has a name, the search for marriage records starts. It takes a few moments to complete, and the report it provides contains data from official records. If you are dating someone new or considering it, a marriage records search can let you know if he is married.

The search relies on online public records databases, so you can be certain that you get access to official files. However, you should be careful about which service you use. You should only utilize websites that abide by FCRA guidelines and are licensed to provide access to public records.

How to perform a true people search

If you want to be certain that you are using a professional people search directory, you need to use a trustworthy service. is one of the fastest public records directories, and it is available to you 24/7. You can use the website to find out if you are dating someone who is married, or if someone that you are talking to is lying to you about themselves.

The marriage records search on takes mere minutes to complete, so you can find marriage certificates in no time. You just have to provide a person’s name, and you are done. Once you do, you get access to all their public records, and not just their marriage and divorce records. With the search, you can verify people’s identity, find out their real age, and get many more important details that they might not tell you by themselves.

If you have doubts about someone that you met online or offline, a people search is valuable. will give you quick access to marriage records and other public records, so you can make better decisions about who to date and who to avoid.

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