ASUS ZenBook UX431FA-AN177T 14″ Full HD Screen Laptop


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ASUS Zenbook UX431FA is another addition in the slim-fit Zenbook series by ASUS that brings us a lot more power with valuable efficiency and a striking design. Despite being a very slim and lightweight device, ASUS has not compromised in the solid equipment of this laptop. The most fascinating benefit of this laptop is its incredibly slim body with a much easier carriage. Not only it is found to be greatly travel-friendly, but you get sufficient amount of computing power with no major reasons to avoid it for your next buy.

It’s a very obvious supposition that this laptop can’t be perfect, but with the remarkable features we get through it and a good price makes it worth the hype. You cannot really expect an extraordinary level of faultlessness with this laptop, but it will still not disappoint you in its benchmark performances. While most of the people have been curious and interested to know more about ASUS Zenbook series, we are also excited to review this workhorse today.

If you are a working employee or a high-grad student, or maybe just a casual user and looking for a stunning commendable device, the ASUS Zenbook UX431FA might be your next choice. Let’s have a look on its major specifications and features.


  • Processor: (10th Gen) Intel Core i3 – 10110U | 2.1GHz
  • RAM: 8GB, Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 14-inch screen with Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution & NanoEdge
  • GPU: Integrated Graphics Intel UHD 620
  • OS: Windows 10 Home

Design & Build

When you pick up ASUS UX431FA, the first thing you notice is how lightweight it is, with a superbly convenient handling. At 1.45 kg, this laptop is made with a slim body and somewhat thin bezels and ofcourse is incredibly lightweight. So, if you are a student or regular worker finding a laptop that just feels negligible while carrying it in your backpack, the ASUS UX431FA suits your desire. Students and usual commuters will find this laptop to be most appropriate for them.

The casing of Zenbook is not entirely plastic; in fact you get a spun-metal finish on the lid and a brushed finish with metal throughout its outer body with Utopia Blue colouring.  The panel above the keyboard is placed with an extra hint of style with slim bezels and a subtle silver trim. The texture of the trim is very smooth to touch when you feel it. On the top of the frame, you will also notice a web HD cam for video conferences and camera.

When we tested laptop’s durability, the ASUS Zenbook effortlessly passed the military grade durability with drop tests and low temp tests too. There is also an Ergolift hinge that provides an easy rotation with 145-degree angle, which also supports comfortable typing experience with the keyboard. So, the design and other related things are fine. As we all know that ASUS always throw its premium designed products in the world. And that’s why you always see ASUS products are expensive.


The keyboard attached with the ASUS Zenbook UX431FA is flexible enough to offer a smooth typing with spongy yet tactile feedback to it. We get a backlit keyboard with three levels of brightness that can be adjusted. It is overall a decent keyboard with a nice layout and a plastic clickpad below it which also acts as a Numpad. So, in my opinion the keyboard is also fine and everyone can easily use it without any issue. You have seen many laptops come with tough keyboards and users always complain about it.


For connectivity, the ASUS Zenbook offers sufficient ports for input and output options. On its left side, it houses an HDMI port, a Type A and Type C port. The power plug and battery plug are also switched on the left side, while on the right you will observe an additional USB 2.0 port, microphones, an audio jack and an SD card slot reader. That’s all the info we have at the moment related to the ports which are enough to get the idea.


The performance of this laptop fits accurately for everyday use, whether you use your laptop for long hour surfing or general app/file usage. If you are willing for a higher tier of hardware, then you can buy core-i7 version for an overly raised performance bar. But, with this core-i3 laptop we can uptake basic computing tasks regularly without any major slowdown. 

Also, the addition of 8GB RAM here makes the hard-drive capacity increased and boosts the processor performance naturally. You can multitask and expect a good speed while switching between browsing tabs with this one. The storage of 256GB solid state drive adds up to the reliable speed of the core-i3 laptop. I am sure that performance wise it is an amazing laptop to buy.


The battery power of this laptop is equipped with 47Wh, which is apparently lesser as compared to its other competitors. However, it still competes well with a good hourly usage. It gives a nice 5 hours or more daily usage with sufficient charging. USB Type C charging isn’t supported with this Zenbook, although we have a C port on its left side. Overall, the battery isn’t overly impressive, but acceptable considering all factors. I would say that you should go with this battery life too as the machine is fantastic for daily routine tasks.


There are lots of other brands laptop available in the market. But, this mid-range laptop is a good option if you are a frequent traveler or an individual who is looking to conveniently handle computing tasks on the go. You won’t find a much better option within its reasonable price package and good collection of features and ports. The sturdy build and premium aesthetics gives an impressive impact overall. You can also view latest deals of this laptop along with others in a good budget by visiting our online store at WeLaptops in UK.


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