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Poker, like many games, is more than just the rules laid out on papers. There are certain other things, unsaid rules that drive the ‘sportsman’ spirit in this lovely game which all poker players must know. Things you must keep in mind if you are planning to pursue a career in Poker. Why?  Your exceptional abilities will be considered worthless if you lack good etiquette and manners. Your on-the-field activities and behavior will eventually determine who you are as a player.

Curious? Take a look at some of the unsaid rules of poker every beginner poker player must know and must avoid.

  • Slow rolling

Slow rolling is a poker strategy that is frowned upon. Slow rolling is when you purposefully hesitate before calling or disclosing your winning hand, which is a no-no in Poker. When a hand is called, you should reveal your cards. Show if you have a winning hand. There’s no need to brag and annoy the other players.

  • Antisocial

You’re expected to have a good time at the table.  You shouldn’t just sit there and pretend that you’re playing alone. You should strive to make friends at the buy poker tables, if not necessary, to create friends, then at the very least to have fun while playing. While it’s vital to focus on your game, it’s also a good idea to engage in some friendly banter with other players.

  • Eating while Playing

Nobody wants to witness someone eating their favourite cuisine with their bare hands, then touching the chips and grabbing the cards with the same hands. Call it cleanliness or call it manners. If you must eat during a poker tournament, do so during the break – or stick to using utensils.

  • Rudeness Towards Dealers

Rudeness is unquestionably a negative trait. Being pleasant to the dealers is another way to be courteous at the poker tables. You may come into them frequently as you play more Poker throughout the world, so making them dislike you is the last thing you want to do. If people remember you as a rude player who constantly clashes with the dealers or other players, you won’t enjoy it.

  • Playing Beyond the Bankroll

When it comes to pursuing a poker career, proper bankroll management is essential, especially if you’re learning the game. You should take bankroll management seriously and avoid playing beyond your means. It’s easy to get attracted by the extensive guarantees on offer, but make sure you stay within your budget. Things should not be rushed. You should prevent entering the tournament if you know you can’t afford it.

Lastly, a lot can be said about a poker player by a single look at his/ her poker set, or the cards they are using, and so on. Thus, to make a statement, you must use a fitting poker set. If you think you have one, go ahead and play your hand. But if you don’t have a custom poker set, go online and find yourself one. Make sure to buy poker chips set only from trusted poker product manufacturers.

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