B2B Platforms: Finding the right fit for your Agri-Business


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In the traditional way of doing the Agri trading business, it is simple and easy to perform the entire task by you. However, in the modern time, where all the economies of the world are interconnected, one needs the help of business-to-business B2B platform, vendor or B2C platform to complete the task like shipping, marketing, finding genuine clients. 

However, you cannot simply choose the first B2B or B2C platform you came across. After all, this platform is responsible for spreading your business across the globe. Thus, you must be sure enough that you can trust this platform for your valuable business.

Nowadays, numerous choices are available for both B2B and B2C platform customers. Though, there is a slight difference between the two platforms. If not choose properly, the trader will not get the desired result and the benefits of the services, and will finally end up losing the valuable targeted audience.

Readout this blog and find out the right fit for your trade business.

What is the B2B e-Commerce Platform?

B2B platforms are the online marketplaces where one business sells goods, services002C or products to another business. The way of doing business in B2B is similar to B2C, however, several factors differ. 

Difference between B2B Platforms and B2C Platforms

The B2B platforms provide more added advantages in comparison to B2C e-commerce platforms. Business-to-Business e-commerce platform like Tradologie.com is designed to get rid of many pain factors in Agri commodities trading like middlemen, genuine buyers, and sellers, time management, best prices. They focus on the pain points of the traders and keep things simple for them. B2B platforms are more efficient than the B2C platforms.

The B2B platforms are more competitive than B2C platforms as the B2B platforms are ever-changing depending upon the business buying needs. They streamline all the business buying needs in one place. 

The following table shows difference between B2B and B2C Platforms:

Factors B2B Platform B2C Platform
Purchases Business companies Individual customer
Payment Invoice to Invoice i.e. Bank Transfer Credit card, PayPal, or similar methods
Market Focused Large
Steps in Buying Multi Single
Buyers Sophisticated Less sophisticated
Purchases In billions or Trillions Small Purchase
Relationship Targeted Audience Brand awareness


Benefits of B2B Platforms

Apart from the above-mentioned benefit, some of the other benefits of Agri commodities B2B platforms are:

  • Transparent and effective
  • Secure
  • Global reach and increased sales
  • Better Negotiation
  • Wide range of Products from global sellers
  • Access to global sellers and buyers
  • Value-added services
  • Bulk procurement
  • Logistic and other support
  • One shop for all Agri commodities  

Factors to Consider while choosing B2B platform

Whether you find out the B2B platform yourself or someone has recommended it, you’ll need to determine if the chosen platform is right for you. Some of the factors that help you in choosing the right B2B e-commerce platform are:

  • Compatibility 

The B2B platform must be compatible. The platform must be simple to use and one can easily find out the required product. 

  • Dynamic Prices

Pricing matters. Freight charges, transportation charges, labor prices, warehouse prices are the main factors that impact the prices of Agri commodities. Therefore, the prices of agri-commodities are ever-changing. The good B2B platform shows the tentative prices of the Agri commodities that include all the factors.  

  • Quick Order Functionality

As the B2B platforms deals with B2B customers across the globe, the ordering functionality of the product must be quick. The B2B buyers reorder the same commodity, again and again, thus quick order functionality is a must. The good B2B platform must enable the buyer to reorder the same product either from the previous order or by setting up the standard list that can be later added to the cart. This saves the buyers time and encourages them to purchase more from your e-commerce platform.

  • Stellar customer service

Customer service plays an important role in the failure or success of any business. Many technical issues need to be resolve on time for the brand image and sales revenue. In modern times, users are more aware of the internet, its pros and cons. The trader will not share sensitive information with your platform if he feels if the platform is not secure. This will impact your business. Hence, the B2B platform must be secure. 

  • Flexible and Reliable

From the technological view and buyers’ view, the B2B platform needs to fit the current and future business requirements and strategies. The platform must be flexible and display all the products. Moreover, the addition of products is always there in B2B platforms. So, the e-commerce platform must be flexible enough to adapt the changes. Flexibility is the key to success as things are ever-changing. 


B2B platforms must be reliable. The PCI compliances and data protection is a necessary aspect for B2B platforms.

  • Features

B2B purchases are different from B2C purchases thus; B2B platforms require more features than any other platform to make it easy for the sellers and buyers to communicate. The B2B platform features can be categorized into 3 categories – pre sales, purchase, and post-sales.

The parameters of presales purchase and post sales are given in the table:

Pre Sales Purchase Post Sales
Different price levels Oder Approval Process Sales person
Advance search functionality Minimum order size ERP integration
Sales Content Quotation Process Simple order placement
Customer groups Configure Products Support multiple warehouses
Primary and multiple child accounts Credit limits, payment term and bill pay


  • Lay Down Payment

Payment transactions and currency support are the vital

 factors that impact the Agri commodity business. Most of the B2B platforms did not pay attention to it and end up losing valuable business. A good B2B platform covers all possible payment methods and supports the currency. It also supports product bundling, dynamic pricing, discounts and improves itself continuously.   


When it comes to e-commerce, most of the agri trade businesses are not the experts. They need the help of experts. That is why it is crucial to choose the right B2B trade platform with the depth of expertise and proper strategies to expand your agri trade business globally.

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