Benefits of getting flat roof installed to the building from a roof company near me


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Flat roof construction is done by any reputed “roof company near me” that you search in roofing timbers/joists or steels. The timber or joists are either laid atop the steels or cut into them after they are spaced at a distance of 400 mm, depending on the width they will be covering and the surface it is to be applied on. Steels are used in the form of rolled steel joists and often built into one or both walls to give added stability to the roof structure. The roof structure is then covered with plywood or Stirling boards. Joists need waterproofing as boards are normally laid across them, so felt or rubber is used to cover the boards. Here are 7 benefits of getting flat roof installed to the building from a roof company near me.

Types of Flat roof

There are two types of flat roofs – warm flat roof and cold flat roof. Cold flat roof has an insulating layer with air flow space to protect the joists from rotting. They are recommended for areas with high humidity because as the warm air rises through the plasterboard into the void, the insulation in the void will further warm the air and as the air rises it will hit the cold underside of the flat roof decking. 

There are 2 different forms of warm flat roof, one with void is fully packed with insulation, leaving no air gaps to avoid chances of condensation build-up. In the other there is an air gap below the insulation. In this case, warm air rising will travel through the voids, and as the roof is insulated, it will not condense, however, the roof will have to be ventilated. Completely packing a warm flat roof with insulation ensures there is no air to condense, hence there are no voids in them. If a void occurs, it will be years before the damage is detected and one may have to begin searching for “flat roof repair near me”. 

Benefits of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly used by commercial buildings more than residential houses. However, they have many benefits for someone considering it for their home. These include –

  • They are inexpensive

Sloped roofs require shingles, membranes to keep out elements and other material to protect the building. A flat roof requires fewer material and does not take long to install, thus saving material and labor costs. A roof company near me can manage the maintenance and upkeep at a lower rate. 

  • They are contemporary

The look of a house matters and the modern design speaks volumes of the family that lives within. Flat roofs give the house a clean and sleek look and draw attention for their sharp edges and clean cuts. There is in fact complete space allocation with flat roofs. 

  • They give extra space

As we said, flat roof does complete space utilization, in that you can actually use the rooftop to install outdoor unit of the air conditioner, add solar panels, create a rooftop garden, and the rooftop deck would make the perfect space for outdoor soirees. Whether you use your rooftop as a vegetable garden or create yourself a cosy nook for some ‘me’ time, flat roof is a quaint choice. 

  • They are durable

Flat roof has greater resistance to nature’s vagaries than sloped roofs and they are especially beneficial in areas with a lot of high winds. Therefore, contact a roof company near me to understand if flat roof would be the only option for you. Without rains tearing out the shingles of sloped roofs, there will be fewer searches on your part for “flat roof repair near me”. On an average, flat roof with metal roof can last up to 35 years and on an average all flat roof have a life of at least 25 years. You can repair a flat roof quickly and easily and it takes a lot to damage it.

Look for professional roof company near me for recommendations on what would suit your requirements the best as the material used and the built will depend largely on the structure. 


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