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The day to celebrate love is here again! This day is equally special for lovers all around the world, a day dedicated to the most beautiful feeling in the world deserves a celebration that is as grand and loving as the day itself. Some people prefer to go all out on the day and some stick to the old school romantic dinner. On both occasions, one thing remains the same, the need for a deliciously scrumptious valentine themed cake! Whenever we think to buy valentine’s day cake, the first question that pops is which flavour? What kind of cake is suitable for such a romantic celebration. Now, the same old flavour like vanilla, butterscotch and even plain chocolate is not suitable for the festivity. As we said before, it is a grand celebration and deserves to be celebrated in the same way! Hence, you must get a cake that matches your lover’s taste and the mood of the day. If you are having trouble selecting which cake to go for, well don’t fret, here are some amazing cake types that perfectly capture the theme of the day! Read on and find out:

Black Forest Cake with Raspberries

Balck forest is a famous cake yet people confuse it with chocolate. Black forest cake does contain chocolate but the main ingredient of the flavour, that is the special type of German liquor, that separates this cake from others. This liquor is made of berries that are found in the Black Forest area of Germany. This was the place where the cake was first made and that is why it’s named after it! The intoxicated cake, take a beautiful look once it’s garnished with fresh Raspberries. A cake made of delicious Kirsch (the brandy used in the cake), layers of thickened chocolates and juicy raspberries is honestly the best choice for the occasion.

Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

Well, as we said earlier, a cake made of chocolate and berries is perfect for this romantic occasion. Another delicious combo of the aforementioned things is a lip-smacking strawberry chocolate mousse cake. Again, Mousse cake is made of chocolate but it is very different from the normal chocolate cake. It contains a bubbly texture that makes it more light and crumbly therefore more delicious. Paired with strawberries, this cake makes an amazing dessert for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake

A heart-shaped cake is ofcourse an appropriate cake type for the said occasion and when it comes in a beautiful, deep scarlet shade, you have a perfect Valentine’s Day cake! That is why a heart-shaped red velvet cake is perfect for the said occasion. Shower your partner with affection with a delicious dessert.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Till now, you must have understood that berries make everything better! So here is another cakey dessert with an added berry twist. Try blueberry cheesecake cake to surprise your sweetheart. The best thing about cheesecakes is that they are easy to make and with tangy blueberry, they taste absolutely delicious! 

Chocolate Plum Cake

Plummy chocolate cake is our absolute favourite. This cake has everything you need to make your lovey-dovey celebration extraordinary. With a cake loaded with delicious chocolate, added touch of mouthwatering nuts and amazing rum a chocolate plum will surely win your special-someone’s heart. If you wanna make it look even fancier just get your partner’s favourite champagne and you are good to go!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

Remeber that one weird ice cream flavour that you loved but could never really understand why? Well, that flavour is now available in cake and you can impress your sugar boo with it. Together, relive those amazing days and share some laughs over a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie dough cake. This can be an excellent way of getting to know each other in a more intimate way. Now, some may argue that it is not romantic, but you tell us, you guys bonding over your respective memories while your sweetheart is smiling, does it get any more romantic than this?

Brownie Cake

Finally, if you and your partner love chocolate, then a palatable brownie cake is the perfect valentine’s dessert for you. This cake is easy to bake, easy to cut and ofcourse incredibly easy to eat to make it even more delicious, add some chocolate syrup. 

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