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In the last decade, the popularity of mobile devices and smartphones have surpassed desktops and laptops; which makes browsers and mobile apps the most significant number of internet hits. A large number of mobile users utilize various apps. Infact a Mobile application development company in India benefits people in several ways from playing games, listening to music, working in the office, updating news to watching movies, etc. Also, these mobile apps are written specifically to take advantages of the unique features of specific mobile devices. 

Today, the two most demanding mobile platforms are iOS and Android. All the phones and tablets are come preloaded along with important applications and a web browser. Through an internet research, there are nearly 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide. It’s not shocking that the mobile app industry is booming. The usage of apps and smartphone diffusion is still growing at a stable rate, without any signs of reducing in the upcoming future.

Future prediction of Mobile Apps

  • Mobile apps are expected to make over 935 billion in revenue by 2023
  • Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps to download easily
  • 2.87 million apps accessible for download on Google Play Store
  • There are chances that 21% of Millennials open apps 50+ times per day
  • 49% of people build an app 11+ times each day
  • 69% of US digital media comes from mobile apps
  • An average smartphone owner uses ten apps per day and 30 apps each month

Types of mobile applications

In the early days of mobile apps, the only possible way to secure an app was to develop the app natively so that it optimally ran on any device. But in today’s scenario, the majority of mobile applications developed are device-agnostic. And this also means that new code must be written specifically for each and specific device processor. 

However, each device requires the best mobile app development services with its codebase. The modern cross-platform tools use common languages like C# and JavaScript to share the code over projects.

Before developing an app, you need to understand what are the four types of a mobile applications. Hence, if you get the right mobile application development technologies, you can save time, money, and effort.

Native app: A Mobile operating system like Android and iOS give a series of software development tools to create a unique application for any device, such as an SDK software development kit. However, these apps are known as Native apps. Because of its incorporation with the operating system, the app has direct access to nearly any device component (cameras, hardware-backed key stores, sensors, etc.). It has the fastest processing speed with the highest consistency. It regularly adheres to platform-specific design values, thereby getting a more reliable user interface than web or hybrid apps.

Web app: These are web pages designed to appear like Native apps. Web apps are typically written in HTML, JS, CSS and run in the mobile device browser. For example, in Facebook, there is a Native app on both Android and iOS, though if you want to use the browser, you have to visit on site. The purpose behind designing is that it runs on many mobile operating systems and helps reduce development costs, maintenance, advancements, and so on. Also, it runs slower than native apps.

Hybrid app: Hybrid app is an application that combines the benefits and shortcomings of both web apps and native apps. Hybrid apps place on the app store to install and run like native apps, but most of the app’s procedures rely on web technology. It is the part of an application that works on a fixed browser, web-based operations, with WebView and displays the results in the app window. A hybrid app accesses the device functionality over a web-to-native thought layer. It depends on the framework used in these apps developed for each platform while retaining the basic code that is cross-platform collaborative.

Progressive Web App: It works almost similar to a website but differs without a network connection and can access mobile hardware and features of a native app. Progressive Web App (PWAs) combine different standards of modern browsers with improving the user experience. It uses Android and iOS, but not all functions are supported to iOS; PWA from version 11.3 is supported.

Mobile app development is significant for an online business reach. So, a proficient top mobile app development company in India helps businesses reach a huge target audience and help to build an effective app marketing strategy. It also transforms the way people look for firms. These apps eased the customers to get faster business details and, at the same time, connected, updated with your favorite brands as it offers. 

Mobile App Development Services 

  • Mobile App Strategy

Once you decide to take your business move ahead, allow a mobile app development professional to help you plan the move. Evaluate the changes, possible threats, solutions, and other essential features with skilled professionals.

  • Mobile App Designing

With the help of mobile app development, you can develop several apps with the perfect combination of aesthetics and creativity and some delightful and user-friendly designs.

  • Mobile App Development

As technology grows rapidly, mobile application solutions become easy to navigate and ascendable. However, the new technology makes hassle-free applications to make you stand.

  • Support & Maintenance

It helps you to meet your IT needs, provide support and maintenance services for your mobile application. 

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