Best Places to Visit for Travel Enthusiasts Before Their 30s


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As the famous saint agustin had said .“The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page”. If I were to say that no truer words have been spoken, only a few would be found to disagree. Not only does travel make you smarter, but it instills in you a confidence like no other thing, helping to enrich your interpersonal skills along the way as well.Best Places to Visit.

In addition to this, it is a known fact that traveling gives most a peace of mind like no other, especially when you visit those areas that are closer to nature and possess an aura of serenity like no other. This is because when we travel, we temporarily disconnect from all our worries of life, and the pressures of social media like Facebook and Instagram. This helps us to notice and appreciate the smaller details around us, ultimately opening one’s mind to purer and original thoughts.

Famous editing websites like Photopea or PicsArt have nowadays brought about an end to the originality pictures once possessed, all through their picture editing qualities. However, to experience a place firsthand has no comparison whatsoever. Therefore, being a travel enthusiast myself, here are the top 3 places I believe one should visit before their 30s.

Best Places to Visit for Travel

  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Starting with a tropical touch, Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia. You have probably seen its pictures on places like Twitter or Pinterest, of its elegant overwater cabins (which, mind you, are extremely expensive to live in), picturesque beaches, and lush jungles. The locals make money off of providing underwater adventures to tourists with engaging activities like snorkeling and diving present at the island. In addition to all this, it also hosts a dormant volcano, Mount Otemanu, whose captivating picture you have probably seen on a photoframe being sold on Amazon. Not only does it provide a tiring hiking opportunity, but also provides one for a great photo-op. The island is host to soft sands and turquoise blue waters, and despite being extremely expensive nowadays due to the increased attention it is receiving, travelers say that it is worth every penny spent.

  1. South Island, New Zealand

After spending time in a tropical environment, it’s time to experience a cold and serene one. If you share the same thoughts as me, then South Island is the place for you. Officially called “Te Waipounamu”, it is the larger of the two major islands of New Zealand. Filled to the brim with majestic landscapes at every turn, sights ranging from dramatic, snow-capped mountains to glaciers, visitors are in for an experience they will never forget. It is also host to a UNESCO heritage site, the Fjordland National Park, which is the go-to place if you want a getaway from all things that surround you and completely immerse yourself in nature as if you were a part of the serene environment that surrounds you. At night, the University of Canterbury’s own observatory is used to view the starry sky, while tasty food and hundreds of years old wine can be enjoyed in the local city of Queenstown.

  1. Paris, France

Perhaps the most famous of the three, Paris is a city bestknown as the host of the “Eiffel Tower” (whose souvenirs can be found on almost every Walmart or BestBuy in the gifts section). However, Paris can be said to be the global center of art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Hosting some of the best artworks and cuisine available in the world, the exquisiteness of Paris is one that is difficult to be defined in words. The city’s quaint cafes, vibrant markets, and the romantically attractive French accent coupled with the overall ambiance are enough to make even the most heartless of people fall in love with the place.

Towards the end, I would simply say that traveling to a place is an experience like no other (especially when the place is like that of Paris). Those who haven’t done so are missing out, big-time. And, to give you some food for thought, I’d quote Rudyard Kipling when he says

“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it”

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