Best Portable Toilet For Camping And Van Life


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“So I must ask… where do you visit the toilet?” This is the primary query requested via way of means of pals once we deliver them a excursion of our camper van. It became additionally my largest problem earlier than transferring in.

Much to our surprise, I can luckily say we’ve been on the street for over a year, and locating toilets has in no way been an issue.Some time to make your toilet in camping site and wan life is very difficult for this if you want to camping easy and comfortable then the  Pina Sajje Sanitation can solve your problem because they provide the portable toilet and portable restroom for rent.

Build your van


Portable composting lavatory with a near-quarters spider take care of design. Eco-pleasant, clean to put in, minimizes smell, and permits you to spend your weeks without emptying.


For one, we don’t forget ourselves as journey campers. We spend 95% of our time on BLM land, nation parks or in campsites. Almost all of those locations have both toilets or vault lavatories. If we occur to live on BLM land without something nearby, we go together with the antique boy scout rule of ‘depart no trace.’ Basically, this indicates when you have to move wide variety two: dig a hollow 6-eight inches deep, do your commercial enterprise and cowl it afterward.

On average, we become someplace close to a real lavatory  as a minimum as soon as it is in line with the day. Gas stations, grocery stores, rapid meals chains, parks and traveller facilities are ample with lavatories.

That said, we understand now that no longer everybody is a journey camper. So what about the stealth campers and town dwellers? Here are the maximum not unusual place techniques for the use of the toilet while you stay in a van

In The Camper Van: The Pee Bottle

Guys, you’ve got got it clean in this one. The pee bottle (additionally called a piss pot) is actual and extensively used. Just make certain you get one which seals close and near it tight. I’ve studied multiple horror tales of a person knocking it over inside the van!

What about the girls? Similarly, a funnel may be used to manual your pee directly right into a bottle. There are corporations that make fancier variations just like the SheWee or GoGirl. But realistically, any funnel ought to do.

To smooth a pee bottle, first rinse it with warm water and dish soap. It can then be sterilized with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.


Inexpensive bucket lavatory it is extraordinarily transportable and clean to sell off. Includes a snug seat and rubber gasket to save you smells.

Bucket lavatories perform precisely as they sound. Simply line the bucket with a plastic bag, do your commercial enterprise, then cowl it with both noticed dirt, kitty litter, or peat moss to preserve the odor. The plastic bag can then be disposed of in a dumpster similar to canine poop baggage or diapers.

The Luggable Loo is possibly the most famous transportable tenting lavatory. It is largely a 5-gallon bucket that includes a lavatory seat and lid. The snap on lid will let you preserve the whole thing closed up or even use it as a separate seat as needed.

Slightly greater high priced variations may be bought that encompass rubber gaskets sealing the lid to lessen odor. Each of those will perform withinside the identical manner requiring separate lavatory baggage and a gel or noticed dirt protecting to preserve matters fragrance-free.

There are some key additives to creating an enjoyable DIY bucket lavatory. For most smell control: sell off the bag during every session. Keep strong and liquid waste separated. This is crucial to decreasing ugly smells.

Portable Toilet Tent

If you don’t need to buy a geared up-made bucket lavatory, it’s clean to construct your personal. A 2-5-gallon bucket may be bought at any hardware shop or Walmart. Chances are, you’re going to need to take a seat down on something apart from the sharp, skinny lid on the pinnacle of a normal bucket. The most inexpensive course to move is buying a cheaper pool noodle or ring of froth that may be sliced down the center and located over the rim of the bucket. This will function as a strong lavatory seat.

The drawback to a DIY bucket lavatory is that it may not be closed and desires to be emptied on a common foundation. To fight this, there are some cheaper bucket lavatory alternatives that perform in a great deal the identical manner however offer greater consolation and a sealable lid.

If you’re tenting, or staying in a single location for lengthy durations of time don’t forget buying a lavatory tent. Toilet tents may be used out of doors of the van or in a campsite to feature a variety of privacy. They % down small and are easy to set up.

Chemical (Cassette) Camping Toilets

Cassette lavatories (additionally called chemical lavatories), are not unusual places in the various RV communities. They are much like the rest room you’ve got at home and could flush your waste away right into a black water tank below.

These lavatories no longer use any energy or batteries making them absolutely cellular and super to take tenting. They also are light-weight and compact which permits them to be in the shape of a small campervan. 

How Does A Camping Cassette Toilet Work?

Water Pump

A removable chemical reservoir that sits at the bottom (waste tank)

You fill the sparkling water protecting tank with water and the chemical reservoir with lavatory disinfectant. To use the restroom: truly do your commercial enterprise, flush it with a hand pump, then empty the waste tank later.

With a chemical lavatory there’s minimum odor, and the strong waste gets damaged down right into a liquid shape making it easy to smooth.

How To Empty A Cassette Toilet Waste Reservoir

The waste tank could have latches so it may be separated from the restroom seat and lid. Most include their personal take care of that makes sporting it to a RV sell off station or marina clean. Pour the contents down the correct waste area. They also can be dumped in a residual lavatory or porta potty. This is a smooth answer and also you won’t have to fear touching something. The waste receptacle may be washed out with water and ammonia to deodorize destiny smells.

Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Portable cassette lavatories are a really perfect answer for tenting and van life. They can be the maximum acquainted to apply and also you do now no longer must separate strong from liquid waste. Most components which include the pump or valves may be changed in the event that they get broken so they’re lengthy lasting.

Aside from now no longer being basically environmentally pleasant, a drawback to the chemical lavatory is that the liquid should freeze in wintry weather and harm the restroom. To save you this, buy an environmentally secure antifreeze from an RV dealer. For a fine transportable flush lavatory, you could assume to spend roughly $100.

Because waste is hidden in a reservoir, you could now no longer have the ability to inform while the rest room desires to be dumped. On a few models, you could bodily eliminate the waste compartment to check. In different models, a hallmark will alternate colorings while the rest room receives full.


Portable composting lavatory with a near-quarters spider take care of design. Eco-pleasant, clean to put in, minimizes smell, and permits you to spend your weeks without emptying.

Composting lavatories are frequently used as an opportunity to RV lavatories. People like them due to the fact they’re environmentally pleasant, do now no longer use chemicals, and may close longer in-among emptying.

While those are super lavatories to put in in a campervan or RV, they do require 12v energy so that they can not be used as a stand-on my own lavatory at a campsite.

A composting lavatory calls for an in depth quantity of setup. They also are higher priced than a transportable cassette lavatory.

How Does A Portable Composting Toilet Work?

With a composting lavatory, smell is saved to a minimum via means of isolating liquid and strong waste. There is a liquid diverter door that may be operated using a lever with a purpose to divert liquid waste to a frontal bottle. The lever may be moved the alternative route to permit strong waste to fall immediately into the composting bin. It isn’t always feasible to apply each on the identical time

The major components of a composting lavatory are:

  • Toilet seat with lid latch
  • Liquid waste bottle
  • Solid waste bucket
  • Trap door liquid diverter
  • Composting crank
  • Vent Fan
  • Exhaust Hose

Composting lavatories have a small air flow fan with a purpose to pull smooth air in, and vent exhaust via a pipe out of doors of the vehicle. This way while putting in place a lavatory, you’ll construct an outside exhaust and hook up the rest room to energy.

The exhaust fan may be very small and could draw as low as 0.1 Amps. Due to the exhaust gadget, there’s no smell related to composting lavatories besides cleansing it out. During this process, it smells like soil.

How To Dump A Composting Toilet

Liquid waste has to be emptied on a common foundation and every now and then it may be tough to inform while it’s miles getting full. Solid waste will fall into a mixture of both coco coir or peat moss. After depositing strong waste into the composting mix, you’ll have to show a crank to combine the whole thing together.

The strong waste in composting lavatories may be dumped right into a rubbish bag and disposed of in a trash can. Because the whole thing is separated, you ought to cast off strong waste each few weeks for 2 people. Composting peat moss or coco coir is available in bricks that may be damaged down and blended with distilled water while getting the rest room geared up for the subsequent spherical use.

Great For Camper trucks and RVs, Will Not Work At Campsites

In our opinion, composting lavatories make a super opportunity for RVs or campervan conversions. They aren’t proper for campsites due to the fact they’re now no longer transportable and require energy and air flow. That said, composting lavatories are environmentally pleasant and clean to apply as soon as installed.

What Do You Do With Toilet Paper?

In a bucket lavatory, it’s miles secure to cast off lavatory paper together with your waste. In fact, you could even bury lavatory paper if you’re going with the boy scout approach as it’s miles biodegradable and could smash down rapidly (so long as the hollow is 6-eight” deep).

For all different kinds of lavatories, it’s miles normally high-satisfactory now no longer to clean lavatory paper down together along with your waste. This should clog the gadget of chemical lavatories and speedy top off your composting lavatory. The high-satisfactory-case situation is to have a separate bin in which lavatory paper may be saved till it’s miles thrown away. If you actually need to combine lavatory paper together along with your waste, there are unique quick-dissolve lavatory papers made mainly for this situation.

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