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Youtube introduced their download feature about two years back in which you can enjoy maximum number of videos even when your offline. Most digital media applications are trying to include this feature as it makes the viewers experience so much more convenient Mp3 Downloader. 

All of us stumble into apps that raid our phones with viruses and are concerning due to security reasons but there are some that being restricted on playstore for authorisation reasons. Some of those apps are really underrated for their excellent user service. 

There are numerous third party apps that lets us download that copyrighted song or a film which is nowhere available but in Netflix. Not only are these apps available for download from your phone but also your PC now. 

Since you will be needing the info on these apps, we’ve a list that would ease things for you :-

1) Vidmate 

Vidmate is a third party app which lets you download mp3/mp4 files from various different platforms. Although it is restricted in playstore, you can still install it from 9apps if you type in vidmate download 2018. The most special thing about Vidmate is that it not only allows us to enjoy video and audio offline, but you can also live stream these files. Vidmate supports more than 100 of video hosting sites such as Vimeo from where you can download. You can convert files without too much hassle and get Hd quality videos. 

2) Yoo Download 

Yoo Download is also a third party application which allows you to download different files from host websites. Host websites like Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook etc can easily be accessed from here. The user interface is probably the best part of this website, as there isn’t many complications. They also provide the user with an in-built mp3 converter, where you can control the quality along with a Chrome Extension. 

3) Yout 

This is yet another application that is of course free of cost and allows you to download files from various platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion, HubSpot so on. The most important feature about this app is that it lets you decide how you want the downloaded file to be converted to ( Mp3/Mp4 ). The only drawback in using this app would be that you might need an additional photo cleaner apps to adjust the clarity. 

4) Freemake 

Freemake is a complete service third party application only for use in PC to download videos from Twitch, Dailymotion, Flickr etc. Unlike many apps this lets you download from live game streaming sites. The users can take things in charge and fully control how the output file should be in MP3, MP4, AVI, MKV and more. In short, this is one of the safest websites out there for you to intsall. 

5) Savefrom 

Our last but not the least suggestion would be this application called Savefrom and it is extremely popular because of how magnanimous range it offers to download from, sites like Sendspace, Metacafe so forth. It has one of the simplest user interface, and is super speedy in regards of downloading from sites with highest traffic. But for us, the actual best part is that Savefrom allows you to convert files with quality upto 4K. You can also download accurate txt. files such as Youtube subtitles that too in multiple languages.  

Conclusion : 

There are ample third party video and audio downloaders for you to play along with but as our phones are our personal portable databases so you have to be a little careful about what you would prefer to use. If you feel learned after reading this article then be free to download one from our suggestions. 

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