Best Wrist Supports & Braces to Wear for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition where you experience pain, numbness, and weakness in your hands. This is caused by a compressed nerve in the wrists, and it can feel extremely uncomfortable. If this is left untreated, it can become worse overtime.

Who Is at Risk of Having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Anyone can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome – however, it isn’t as common in young people. People who play sports, or have jobs that require repetitive hand movements, can be at risk. Health problems related to metabolism and diabetes can also put you at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Here is a list of factors that can put people at risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • Using your fingers and hands for long periods of time at work
  • Repetitive wrist motion at work or during sports
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • Conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and thyroid gland problems

How Can You Recognize Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms?

Many people who experience CTS symptoms notice that in the beginning stages, the symptoms disappear and then come back. Some of these symptoms include inflammation, tingling or numbness in your thumb and the palm of your hand. Weakness is also a common symptom, which can make movement difficult. Some of these symptoms can also travel up towards your arm, so wearing a wrist support or brace can help to manage this.

How Can I Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 

If you fit the criteria of being at risk of having CTS, you can reduce the chances of developing the condition by making some changes to your everyday routine. This will minimize the stress on your fingers, hands, and wrists. Taking frequent breaks from repetitive hand and wrist movements, whether that is at work or whilst playing sports. If you have been diagnosed with CTS and you are experiencing pain, swelling, and tingling, it’s recommended that you should wear a wrist support or brace for additional support and comfort.

Wrist Supports & Braces for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A wrist brace or support can be helpful because they keep your wrist in a straight, and neutral position. This is beneficial for people who have moderate to severe carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Wrist Support/Brace

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or pushing yourself whilst exercising, the wrist support will wrap around your wrists and protect them from further injuries. This is perfect for strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, cross training, or wrist problems such as, CTS, arthritis, or tendonitis. 

  • Wrist Wrap Compression Support

Wrist wrap compression support is a flexible cuff which provides pain relief. It protects and stabilizes your wrist with gentle compression, and it can reduce pain and inflammation. They can be worn all day, and they can help to treat conditions such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

  • Wrist and Hand Support

Wrist and hand supports can help to relieve pain, so that you are able to move your hands without feeling discomfort and recover much faster. This is beneficial for those who suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis. If you have just taken off a cast due to an injury, this can help with your recovery. This is suitable to wear every day, whilst exercising and playing sports.

  • Adjustable Wrist and Hand Support

Adjustable wrist and hand supports are designed to support your bones, tendons, and muscles. You can wrap them around your wrist as tight or as loose as you want, so that you can have the support that you need. They can also help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains or strains, arthritis, and tendonitis.

  • Wrist and Thumb Support

Wrist and thumb supports provide support for weak joints in your wrists and thumbs. They are also ideal if you have a sprain or feel a strain in the area. The support can help to soothe painful tendons and ligaments, stabilize the joints, and speed up the healing process. They can be worn all day, throughout your regular activities. 

  • Wrist Wrap Support with thumb loop

Wrist wrap supports with a thumb loop offer plenty of support and comfortability, so that you focus whilst you exercise or play sports. They are also great to wear if you have a physically demanding job, and if you suffer from CTS or tendonitis. The support will keep your wrist and joints in a neutral position, which will reduce pain and discomfort.

  • Neoprene Wrist Thumb Support

Neoprene wrist support provides warmth and compression to help reduce pain in the thumbs and wrists, whilst also supporting and stabilizing the joints. They can help to speed up the recovery of injuries and provide pain relief. They are suitable to wear during indoor and outdoor activities, and they can reduce swelling caused by arthritis, aching joints, and sprains.


Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with best wrist supports. If you have recently recovered from a wrist injury, suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or want to prevent wrist problems, supports and braces are something you should wear. 360 Relief offer a variety of wrist braces and supports, which have been professionally designed and offer excellent wrist support. They help to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, reduce swelling, and prevent injuries. There are many types of braces and supports available, so you’ll certainly find one that will suit your needs best.


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