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Injury and accident attorney serving the areas around Columbus and Fort Benning, Georgia, and Fenix ​​City, Alabama

Although the aftermath of a car accident may only last for a second, the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of a wreck can last for the rest of your life. You may suddenly find yourself facing debilitating injuries, rising medical bills, and time off from work that you and your family cannot afford.

Imagine if you get injured by a car.. In that case, the experienced car accident lawyers at Gary Bruce’s law offices can ease the burden of your recovery by fighting for your rights and seeking justice and compensation. Call us to discuss this matter for free. We welcome customers from Columbus and Fort Benning, Georgia, Fenix ​​City, Alabama, and surrounding areas. We are local, committed, and results-driven.

Read the following sections for more information on car accidents:

o Why choose Gary Bruce’s Law Office?

o Car wrecks are usually not accidents

o distracted driving

o Drunk driving accidents

o What to do after a car accident?

o Insurance claim after a car accident

o Claim for damages in a car accident

o Schedule your free car accident consultation today

After a wreck, choosing the right car accident lawyer can be one of the most important decisions you will make. An experienced attorney can determine the most effective strategy for your claim and take the necessary steps to produce a compelling case on your behalf.

Gary Bruce’s office has been located in downtown Columbus for more than 25 years.We are closely aligned with local laws and options and have the widest local resources to bolster even the most complex and difficult cases. Our greatest asset can be knowing when to get the expertise needed for matters. We have a long track record of success by using reputable experts to strengthen cases for our clients.

When you work with Gary Bruce’s Law Offices, you will not be dealing with just one attorney. You will have the collective skills, knowledge, and experience of our entire firm working in your favor. We will take the time to fully understand all the details surrounding your case and develop a strategy that is best suited to your specific situation.

We understand how frightening and complicated car accident cases can seem when alone. As an insurance company, that’s what we do, and we know how to do things. We are here to ease your burden and focus on your case so you can focus on healing.

Our firm is distinguished by our experience and proven record of success and our compassion for those whose circumstances beyond their control have harmed. We are committed to fighting for full and fair compensation to get your life back on track.

The credentials of our lawyers include:

o Martindale-Hubel to AV Major Rating

o Board Certified Civil Trial Practice Attorney, National Board of Trial Advocacy

o Chattahoochee Bar Association, President

o Columbus Bar Association, President

o Columbus Trial Lawyers Association, President

o Columbus Younger Lawyers Club, Former President

o Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, Member

o American Association for Justice, Member

o National Association of Consumer Advocates, Member

o Kentucky Bar Association, Member

o State Bar of Georgia, Member

Car wrecks are usually no accidents.

Although we commonly refer to them as accidents, most car wrecks are preventable and are usually the result of careless decisions and reckless behavior. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) estimates that more than 90 percent of accidents can be directly linked to human error.

distracted driving

When you’re behind the wheel, anything that takes your eyes, hands, or mind away from the act of driving is a potentially fatal distraction. While new advances in science and technology have improved some aspects of vehicle safety, other modern features such as cell phones have made the ability to drive while driving more distracting than ever. Some of the most common sources of distraction in the car include:

o send text messages

o Adjusting GPS

o Adjust audio

o cell phone use

o food

o personal development

o seeing an accident or incident outside the window

Drunk Driving Accidents

Few events are more devastating than being injured in a drunk or impaired driving accident or losing a loved one. Despite all efforts to educate drivers about the dangers of drunk driving, thousands of innocent passengers are injured or killed by drunk drivers every year.

Compared to other types of automobile accidents, cases involving drunk driving may involve additional considerations, including:

o Punitive damages: Compensation over and above reimbursement for the economic and non-economic costs of an accident, intended to punish and send messages to the driver and discourage repeat behavior.

o Dram shop liability: Liability against a restaurant or bar providing alcohol to the driver for serving alcohol to an already intoxicated person or minors.

o Criminal conviction: A DUI conviction can result in fines, parole, and jail time, in addition to the loss of a driver’s license for some time.

How do you bring a case against drivers affected by alcohol and other drugs?

Alcohol-related accidents are easily preventable in today’s society. The law prohibits: driving while intoxicated, giving alcohol to a minor, and providing alcohol to a person driving a motor vehicle.

What to do after a car accident?

Some such evidence needs to be preserved. Don’t hesitate to do so – Gary Bruce

Car wrecks can leave you hurt, scared, and unsure of what to do next. You may be worried about handling calls from an insurance adjuster and what to say. The steps you take during this busy and confusing time can have a tremendous impact on the success of your case. If you are in a car wreck, remember:

1. Gather yourself and put your head together.

2. Ensure the well-being of everyone in your vehicle and that they will be fine in the short term.

3. Collect the names and contact information of witnesses.

4. Take photographs of the accident site from multiple angles, including the position of all vehicles involved.

5. Contact the police and file an incident report.

6. Get a medical checkup. The ER is always an option if you don’t have other medical options available.

7. Contact Gary Bruce’s law offices to discuss your situation and options with an experienced car accident attorney.

damage in the car accident claim

A car accident’s physical, financial, and emotional consequences can vary greatly in each case. Some people walk away with minor injuries, while others’ lives are sadly never the same. Every day, we fight aggressively for our customers who have been injured or lost a loved one because of someone’s careless or reckless actions.

We will investigate every aspect of your case and help determine all potentially liable parties in your wreck. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, we may seek compensation for the following:

o Current and future medical expenses

o lost wages

o Loss of work profit

o Low earning potential

o Rehabilitation cost

o aches and pains

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